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9 Reasons to be a Huatulco Real Estate Dreamer

by Brent May

huatulco real estate

Investing in Huatulco real estate can be a dreamer’s reality.

If you’re thinking of investing in beachfront villas, luxury condos or land for sale, here are 9 reasons why you can become a “Huatulco Real Estate Dreamer” today.

 1. 300 Days of Sun

(Being from Canada and experiencing winter after winter of ice and snow, we had to put this first on our list.)

Because of Huatulco’s southern location, visitors and residents enjoy sun 340 days of the year. Daytime temperatures average around 28-30 C (high 20s from April through August, low 30s in March and September and high 20s from November through February).

Huatulco is in the tropics. So if you don’t mind humidity and rain from May through October, you’ll be in paradise.

 2. 35-KMs of Happiness

Huatulco Mexico is a “paradise-come-true” for those who can’t get enough of the rugged mountains framing the long stretch of Pacific shoreline. Located in the southern state of Oaxaca, Huatulco is a relatively newly developed destination. It still has a plethora of beachfront villas, luxury condos and oceanfront land just waiting to be scooped up by savvy investors. 

 3.  Go Green!

Huatulco is environmentally sound with a number of development-free ecological reserves. It also has systems in place that reduce waste as well as greenhouse gas emissions and increases natural resources management and energy efficiency.

In 2005, Huatulco earned Green Globe International Certification for sustainable tourism. This prestigious award honors those locations that have exceeded environmental benchmarks such as energy efficiency, waste management and water usage.

Also, in 2018, for the fourth year in a row, Huatulco received the  EarthCheck Platinum Certification. Huatulco was the first community in the Americas – and the third in the world – to receive the Earth Check Gold designation. And we just keep getting better!

 4.  A Charming Welcome

Despite the number of tourists who soak up the sunshine each year, Huatulco continues to maintain its quaint village charm.

You can walk along the streets, shop amongst the many open-air markets and kiosks and dine at various taco stands and upscale restaurants without worry. Locals invite you to relax in the ease of Huatulco’s colorful community by joining an array of social groups and become a welcomed community member. Some expats even choose to open a business while they’re here.

 huatulco real estate5. Look Who’s Coming to Town

A general rule of thumb when investing in real estate is to look at who’s already established in the community or who’s coming into the area. In the case of big name developers such as the Holiday Inn, Secrets and Riu, Huatulco Mexico is the place to be. These key players in the travel and tourism industry have already committed to opening the doors to their newest luxury resorts.

But it isn’t about tossing up row after row of high rise condos, hotels and resorts. The Mexican government has learned from its past development issues. They have vowed to maintain the integrity of the community and its natural environment by working with developers of all sizes to ensure the beaches remain untouched by debris and the ocean waters maintain their crystal clear luster.

 6. Lack of In-Your-Face Tourism

Sure. Tourists, hotels and resorts are located in Huatulco, but they are not bunched-up, defacing the picturesque scenery. Residents often head for the less traveled beaches – and there are many – to enjoy powdery soft sands of Huatulco’s beaches, the clear turquoise waves, striking cliffs and dense forest.

And don’t worry about dodging time share salespeople or obstinate vendors. You can still enjoy a pester-free day in the natural amenities of the area.

 7.  Butterflies, Starfish and Coral – Oh My!

Because of the rich surroundings of Huatulco, there are endless opportunities to see – and photograph – the wildlife.

If you’re above the water, be sure to visit El Chelo where butterflies and tropical birds of endless varieties assemble. Below the water’s surface is an underground playground of starfish, sponges, snails, urchins, octopus and coral await.

 huatulco real estate8.  Location, Location, Location

Unlike other real estate hot spots in Mexico, Huatulco is fairly new with construction starting in 1983. It offers so much of what investors are looking for, including proximity to small villages and thriving metropolises.

If quaint and inexpensive is the order of the day, head for Puerto Angel and Mazunte. These communities are great for a day trip. Or you could jump in the car for a 90-mile drive up the coast to Puerto Escondido for a day of discovery, surfing and dining out.

But if it’s a thriving energy you seek, board on a plane for a 20-minute flight to Oaxaca City, the traditional Spanish colonial city with large cathedrals, shopping centers, theaters and museums. For an hour-long flight you can go to Mexico City, the ideal place in Mexico to fill up on bright lights and big city adventures.

9.  A Real Estate Gold Mine

From an investment perspective, Huatulco is a real estate gold mine. Prices are low, value is high and the amenities are modern.

State-of-the-art infrastructure improvements make it easier than ever to get around for daily chores or entertainment. Pop into the bank, pick up your dry cleaning, stop by the doctor’s office for a check-up and then head to the beach – all by 2:00 pm.

And it’s this type of convenience that you’ll want for you and your loved ones while staying or living in paradise.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the real estate opportunities in Huatulco, contact us today. We’ll help you turn your dream into a reality.

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