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COVID19 – Huatulco & Oaxaca Coast Market Update

by Brent May

At Bayside we have now had enough time to assess the overall tone of our real estate market. The good news is the prevailing general confidence proves that slowly we will turn to normalcy. From an economic perspective, tourism is currently non-existent, however, much of the Oaxaca Coast has stabilized. Interest from both buyers and travelers increases daily. Many people are planning their next visits while the availability is quite good. Interest from buyers and investors is actually surging! They have a firm belief that this is an opportune period for the region.

Although we missed flight access at the end of March, April and May, which are typically our best sales months of the year, we are very happy to announce we continue to sell real estate virtually. Since we were locked down in Huatulco we have sold 12 properties, roughly 1.5 a week, and have given virtual possession to many others. These properties range from oceanfront casitas, urban condos, single-family homes, lots to luxury condos.

It is clear to us as people assess what is most important to them beyond health and family, Huatulco’s low-density masterplan, sustainable commitment, unique niche climate, clean & fresh ocean and mountain air make the difference and will continue to make the difference as things open up. We are also getting increased inquiries from people who can work from home and want to move to the area full time.

All of the above shows great confidence in the Oaxaca Coast real estate market. Real Estate in our area continues to be in demand. With technology today the modern realtor has the ability to assist you through the entire process with the same comfort as before.

In order to become an expert on the Oaxaca Coast Real Estate Market, I encourage you to register for our Own Mexico Investors Club. Our promise to you is you will be the first to know about every new listing, every new development launch, every special pricing promotion and every price reduction. 

A huge thank you to all our vacationers, buyers and existing owners. We thank you for all your support and confidence. 

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