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How to Find Activities for Your Kids in Huatulco

by Andrea Titzer

Generally, schools in Mexico focus on education and do not provide many or any extracurricular activities. Schools may have some activities, but the majority of activities your child will participate in are run through private clubs and organizations. And there are many!

In Huatulco, some schools offer some activities. For example, the IMH, Instituto Mexico Huatulco offers karate and soccer. And the Centro Escolar Siglo XXI offers swim classes in a semi-Olympic pool.


Many open-air activities are offered in Huatulco as well as gym and cultural activities.

A wide variety of activities can be found through private clubs and organizations. Activities offered in Huatulco include tennis, golf lessons, jazz dance, ballet, gymnastics, band club, soccer, boxing, triathlon, crossfit, art clubs, surf. There are many things to do outside of school and activities are so affordable that kids are really able to discover whatever interests them. And as many people have made their way to Huatulco, teachers are people who genuinely enjoy what they are doing and provide high quality learning experiences.

Some activities like karate, tae kwon do and sports will travel as a team for competitions and workshops. Common travel destinations are Oaxaca and Salina Cruz and some sports are affiliated with national and international associations and kids may travel further away in Mexico for training or competition. My daughter has participated in karate for 9 years and has gone to Puebla for training and traveled all over Mexico for different competitions.


Club Tiburones in Huatulco offers swim class and trainings, triathlon activities, running, cycling and track. Tennis lessons are offered at Xquenda Hotel and Spa in Chahue.  Golf lessons are offered for children 6 and up at Las Parotas Club de Golf.  La Casa de la Cultura offers music classes with guitar and percussion and art classes like painting and drawing.



Activities are Affordable

The Arenas Skate Park is located at Au 2 Sur, in La Crucecita.

Generally, activities are a great value. Many take place 3 to 5 times per week and are very affordable. As an example, a tae kwon do or karate activity may meet 3-5 times per week for 1.5 hours per session and may cost around 400 pesos or $20 USD per month. It is a refreshing dynamic compared to activities in Canada or the States where activities sometimes cost as much for a session as they do for a month in Huatulco.


How To Find the Activities

With 9 Bays and a 1100-hectare National Park, Huatulco is all about being outside. Kids have a sense of freedom here and really unlimited access to outdoor activities. The management of daily life is easier for us parents, the town is small and it is easy and inexpensive for kids to participate in activities. Your best resource for finding out more about the activities your kids are interested in is your expat community. Talk with your new friends and ask questions on the Huatulco- What’s Up – Happening Community News Facebook page. You’ll also find out about community events here also. It’s easiest to do your research once you’re in town.

Huatulco offers several solid educational establishments for your child from preschool through high school. If they are interested in marine or tourism studies, they will find great university options as well. Much more than just schools, Huatulco offers a rich educational experience including academics but also many open-air activities and an exceptional international expat community that will provide your child with friends and unique tools for succeeding in whatever path they choose to take. If you missed our article about How To Find the Right School for Your Child, read it here.

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