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How to Get Around Chicxulub, Yucatan

by Brent May


As we welcome travel back to the world, people are discovering diverse and more pleasant ways to live and work. The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is quickly becoming an extremely popular destination. And we are seeing a fast-growing real estate market in the affordable beach lifestyle of these coastal communities like Chicxulub.

Chicxulub itself is on a small stretch of land with Playa Uaymitún, Playa San Benito, the Xcambo Mayan ruins and Telchac along the Gulf.  Chicxulub turns into Progreso. Beyond Progreso you’ll find Chelem and Chuburna.  In the continuation of Chicxulub, Progreso is a short 8-minute drive at about 7.5 kilometers. There is public transportation linking the towns. Progreso has a population of about 40,000. Despite being a smaller town, Progreso has many of the same services and amenities as its larger neighbor, Merida.

The proximity of Merida, a large metropolitan city, also complements the casual beach life. In the city you will find cultural centers, healthcare services, banking, and shopping.

Visiting or living in a tropical beach community is relaxing, refreshing and filled with sunny activities. A healthy lifestyle is literally right outside your door. The summer and fall months are an especially beautiful time to be here. The rains in June create lush, green vegetation and exotic, aromatic flowers. The occasional clouds in the sky make the emerald waters even more magical. 

This entire area has a steadily growing economy. It is known as the Emerald Coast or the Yucatan Hamptons because of the high quality of life and desirable residences. We see many people taking advantage of this appealing real estate market.

Read more about Chicxulub here: Introducing a New Own Mexico Destination, Chicxulub, Yucatan.



Transportation In & Around Chicxulub

Whatever your mode of transportation, walking, bicycling, car, taxi, or bus, you will enjoy exploring everything this part of Mexico offers.  From natural wonders, pink lagoons, blue cenotes and Mayan architectural sites to the flamingos, wildlife, and underwater marine life, there is never a dull moment. 

Bayside Real Estate has beach properties in Chicxulub. They are being snapped up before they are even finished. The Chic Beach Studios have sold out; and thMiramar Boutique Condominiums are selling fast. More properties are planned for the near future. 

For getting around every day, as a beach community, Chicxulub has some paved roads and paths and some solid packed sand paths.  Walking, bicycling, and motorized scooters are good options for getting around here. The beach is just a short distance from any house or condominium.

When you want to take a shopping trip toward Merida to the Costco or Walmart SuperCentre among others, there are minivans leaving from the town square. This local transportation network provided by the municipality also brings you back home after shopping.

Other frequent public transportation, as in all of Mexico, will easily get you to the other nearby towns and tourism sites.



Progreso is a short distance from Chicxulub – just up the beach. As you head into town, there are more  businesses and more sidewalks. You will find taxis, bus stations and vehicle rentals as well as many markets and cafés along with the famous Progreso Pier. Read our article Get to Know Chicxulub’s Friendly Neighbor, Progreso. 



Merida is inland on the peninsula and a much bigger, metropolitan city. Highways #261 and #176 will take you directly into the city. Again, there is a minivan service that will get you to some stores directly in only 20 minutes from Chicxulub.  You will find lots of shopping, medical facilities, ATMs, banks, and more travel options. There are multiple agencies for car rentals, terminals for bus services, taxis, minivans, and Ubers.  

Merida International Airport (MID) is a modern international airport. Only 45 minutes from Chicxulub, it offers both domestic and international service and regular flights to destinations in Mexico and North, Central, South America and Europe.  

Here are some good flight options: 

  • American Airlines has a direct flight from Miami to Merida 7 days/week and a direct flight from Dallas to Merida on Saturdays. 
  • United has a direct flight 5 days/ week from Houston. A short 2-hour flight. Westjet has a direct weekly Tuesday flight from Toronto.
  • Aeromexico, Air Canada and Delta flights also connect in Mexico City. 
  • Flights with Aeromexico via Mexico City run from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Volaris flies direct to Merida from Oaxaca, Tijuana and San Diego via CBX (Cross Border Express.) Volaris also flies with a connection in Mexico City from major US cities like Oakland, L.A., Chicago, Austin and Denver. And major cities in Mexico: Guadalajara, Monterrey. 
  • All other airlines connect through Mexico City. Flights from Mexico City to Merida on VivaAerobus and Volaris
  • Viva also flies within Mexico to Merida from: Ciudad de México, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tuxtla and Veracruz. 
  • Aeromar flies from Oaxaca, Poza Rica, Reynosa, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Villahermosa. 


Getting Around

Whether you’re staying locally or wanting to travel around the Yucatan to explore the possibilities this new home base has to offer, you’ll find plenty of easy ways to discover.  Read more about The Top 9 Reasons Why We Love the Yucatan.



There are many bike and scooter rentals around.  Check locally for the rental nearest you. If you’re in the market to buy a scooter, it’s easy, too. Several dealers are in Progreso and Merida like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. Smaller local dealers are also around. Large stores like Chedraui and Walmart also carry them.


Cars and Minivans   

You will find both local car rental agencies and the larger classic agencies. You’ll find them at the airport and locally in Merida and Progreso. A quick internet search will point you in the right direction once you know where your starting point is.

Traveling by taxi, Uber and DiDi are cost-efficient and easy. For taxis, always be sure to ask for the price to your destination. Uber  and DiDi are straightforward, you know the price when you order the trip. Be sure to download the apps and get your account set up before leaving home.

If you plan on buying a car in Mexico, check out our article here, How to Buy a Car in Mexico.



You can find boat rentals in Progreso and agencies in Merida. Prices and arrangements vary, but your fun is guaranteed.  Here are two rental services with top ratings: Mahalo Boats and The Boat Host.



The ADO bus system can take you anywhere in Mexico and is reasonably priced, air-conditioned, with movies and an onboard bathroom. Auto Progreso is another bus service. You will find that the Mexican bus system is comfortable and has regular schedules. Prices can vary depending on the bus… some are fancier and go more directly to your destination; others eliminate a few features and stop more often.

For ADO buses, arrive at the station before departure to buy your tickets. For local buses, as with taxis, ask questions of the bus driver before boarding. They will help you make sure you’re boarding the right bus. 

Now you can sit back with your Mexican beverage of choice and explore Chicxulub, Progreso, and Merida virtually  as you plan your visit.  Let us know your questions in the comments. We’re always happy to help you plan your next trip.


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Anna and Len Lorenz March 26, 2022 - 3:04 pm

We are very familiar with the awesome infrastructure of Huatulco, and are looking at the possiblities of the Yucatan coast outside of Merida ..but are concerned with the infrastructure – where does the condo water come from? What about sewage? Power grid? Gas? Paved roads? What does the area have, and how are these services met?

Erin May March 29, 2022 - 3:28 am

Referring to Chicxulub, Yucatan, our water here is well water, each Miramar condo unit has water via its own sump pump.
On the east end of Chicxulub our sewage is handled by our biodigestors, each home and condo unit is outfitted with its own biodigestor as well.
CFE, the national electric company, provides power as in all parts of Mexico. No gas in Miramar, we use on demand water heaters.
Our roads in the residential areas are sand, because the sewer systems in Mexico are not the best. But we love our sand roads as they absorb rainfall and this eliminates the potential for flooding, it also keeps it cooler as asphalt adds to the heat.
Lastly, garbage pick up is done 3 days a week


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