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How To Live a Day to the Fullest in Puerto Escondido

by Brent May


Really all you need for a day in Puerto Escondido is a swimsuit, sandals and sunscreen.

But opportunities abound and a typical day in Puerto Escondido will be different for everyone. One thing is for sure. You can do as much or as little as you like. Puerto Escondido has so much to offer to its visitors, residents, families, remote workers and day-trippers.

Puerto is the best of Mexico gathered in one place. With a wide array of amazing, quality food, stunning beaches, a city backdrop of mountains, ecotourism activities, markets, and social and cultural offerings, Puerto unambiguously presents a quality of life where things are a little simpler, a little slower and a whole lot more enjoyable than city life or deep, dark, cold winters.

Let’s look at some of those typical days in Puerto Escondido. Also, read our article about Why People Love Living in Puerto Escondido.


Start off your day with the sunrise

If you like quiet sunrise walks at the beach, head to Playa Bacoccho. And if that’s not enough, take the coastal trail from Bacoccho to Carrizalillo. Otherwise, have a coffee on your terrace and feel your neighborhood come alive. Or head down to a local café. (Cafécito on Rinconada or on Zicatela serves coffee starting at 6 AM for the early birds!)

You will find your favorite restaurant and bakery in your neighborhood. Head there for a continental breakfast or have a Mexican breakfast with chilaquiles, huevos al gusto, enfrijoladas or entomatadas at a little local restaurant.

Get yer groceries

If you enjoy cooking at home, the markets and tiendas (small groceries) offer the freshest ingredients available. Head up to 8o norte to the Benito Juarez market in the morning. Fruits and veggies are fresh and abundant. You’ll also find the catch of the day. Stay for a freshly squeezed juice. Be sure to walk down the flower aisle and buy some fresh flowers. You’ll find all the typical flowers plus many more tropical flowers.


Day time activities

From a quiet day at the beach to an adventure in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, Puerto Escondido is the perfect destination to do nothing or to do everything.

Stay in town for ocean activities: learn to scuba dive or surf, go snorkeling, get into a game of beach volleyball or just sit back and relax. Have lunch with your toes in the sand. Enjoy some you time, charge up on Vitamin D and recharge your batteries!

If you’re up for an adventure and you want to get a taste of the Sierra Madre del Sur, the mountain backdrop behind Puerto, head out of town.  The tropical southern face of these mountains hides many activities. Go hiking or horseback riding to Atotonilco Hot Springs, hike to waterfalls, go ziplining in San Juan Lachao, visit a coffee plantation in Llano Grande or around San Gabriel. Discover the Manialtepec lagoon on a tour to see migratory birds, marvel at the sunset at Puerto Suelo and see the bioluminescence.  Or go kayaking in the mangroves and listen to the songbirds.

Rent bikes in town and take off on some country roads to discover some small, authentic villages. Have some homemade quesadillas for lunch.

Or spend the day in La Punta, Puerto Escondido’s most laid-back neighborhood. Enjoy a day here with no shoes, some small boutique shopping with many handmade in Mexico designer products, incredible food options on the beach or inland and surf or swim in the afternoon at that end of the beach. It’s an intermediate surf beach and is often used for beginner surf lessons.


You can be bold and do any of these activities on your own. You’ll find plenty of information online. Or there are several tour operators who offer one activity or a combination of the above activities.


Sunset. You’ll become addicted

Head to Zicatela for sunset hour. Take a walk down the beach or grab a chaise longue and a cocktail or juice. Watch the surfers on the big waves here as the sun slips into the warm Pacific behind them. Puerto Escondido is famous for sunsets. Every day is different and it never gets old.


Foodie destination

Mexico is the world-class foodie destination. Whether you’re into fusion cuisine or authentic Mexican, Puerto Escondido offers up a unique culinary experience with so many quality local products. We have genuine street food and refined dining. All slow food. All made to order with the freshest ingredients that you saw at the market in the morning. Have a laid-back dinner in La Punta, street tacos in the center of town, fresh seafood on the Adoquin or on Zicatela, it will be hard to make decisions.

There are foodie tours, mezcal-tasting tours and authentic Oaxacan cooking classes. Join them for a curated tour, a different perspective and all of the insider info.


You will need way more than a day

Puerto Escondido has something for every taste. Every day can be different, with ordinary and extraordinary experiences. Come and visit and experience for yourself. Puerto is easily accessed with great connectivity through international airports in Oaxaca, Huatulco and Mexico City. Puerto Escondido has several daily flights from Mexico City.

It’s easy to appreciate extraordinary experiences. Puerto Escondido makes it easy to love, appreciate and be grateful for the ordinary experiences.

At Own Mexico, we began this How To blog series to help people figure out how to move and live in Mexico and how to buy property in Mexico. It can be a daunting experience. We encourage you to explore our blog and when you are ready to make the ordinary extraordinary, our real estate agents are ready to assist you in finding your dream home at the ocean.  


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Thomas Hawker March 23, 2022 - 8:53 am

Is there golf opportunities in Huatulco as a resident where one can pay let’s say a flat fee per month like the U.S. and Canada (ie; country club type memberships), and play golf as much as you want?

Erin May March 29, 2022 - 3:29 am

Las Parotas Club de Golf Huatulco is the name of the golf club here. Rates are $2,000 MXN for locals but no memberships. It includes range, cart, beer, snacks and caddy.


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