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How To Promote Your Vacation Rental Property in Mexico

by Brent May

Promote Your Vacation Rental Property in Mexico


You’ve bought an investment property in Mexico and now you want to rent it? Or Promote Your Vacation Rental Property in Mexico when you’re not enjoying time there?  Congratulations! This is a great step to getting return on investment on your property. In this article, we’ll cover some things you can do to promote your property.

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Owning a vacation rental property in Mexico can be a lucrative investment, and to ensure consistent bookings and high occupancy rates, effective promotion is essential. Marketing your vacation rental in Mexico requires a strategic approach that uses online platforms and appeals to potential guests. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of promoting your vacation rental property to maximize its potential and attract more guests.


  1. Create a beautiful vacation rental listing

The first step to promoting your vacation rental is creating an attractive listing that showcases its best features. Take professional photos that capture your property’s uniqueness. Then, write a detailed description that highlights its amenities. What makes your place special? Why do you love it? Know what features to highlight to your specific audience. Include size, ambiance of the neighborhood and what guests can do in the area. Be truthful in your description. Guests appreciate knowing what to expect.

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  1. Know your audience

Know who your potential guests are. Are you promoting to families or digital nomads ? Why are your guests coming to Mexico? Tailor your listing to answer questions these groups have then get your listing in front of these guests’ eyes. You will want to create a headline that applies to your market, how people are looking for vacation rentals and what they need.


  1. Share your listing

Decide where you will post your listing. There are plenty of places people go to find vacation rentals. Sure, you can do it all yourself and list on vacation rental sites like VRBO or Airbnb. These platforms have a vast user base and being present on them increases your property’s visibility and accessibility to potential guests. Be sure to know how much commission they charge, how you can become more visible on their sites, read all the fine print.


  1. Work with a local vacation rental agency

You can also choose to let a reputable local vacation rental business handle the promotion for you. They post your listing on their site, handle all inquiries, book and take care of guest payments for you. They also take care of any cancellations or tricky situations. Promoting your vacation rental property is not as simple as listing it on Airbnb. It requires a lot of attention to details and being tech savvy. A local agency will take care of all of these details for you and will be the point of contact for your guests. They are professionals and know how to handle any situation with your best interest in mind. You will define with them, the level of property management you need. On the Oaxaca coast, check out Bayside Vacations.

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  1. Use social media

You can share your listing on social media across multiple platforms. Create profiles for your rental property on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share useful content on your page with with photos, videos, activities, attractions to show what your place is all about. You will want to engage with your followers by responding to their comments and messages quickly.


  1. Strive for return guests and word-of-mouth

You will want to curate a fabulous vacation experience for your guests. Have a local guide book with your personal recommendations. Become known for your hosting skills. Respond quickly and effectively to questions.  Give personalized recommendations. When you create a beautiful experience, guests are likely to want to come back and they will talk about their experience with friends, family and will share it on social media.

Once guests have stayed at your rental, they are more likely to come back. Be sure to collect emails of guests and potential guests and create a mailing list. This way you can stay in touch with a thank you note after their stay. Then you could put together a newsletter to let guests know what is new in the area, any changes you’ve made to your rental property, include discounts or coupons, etc. Staying in touch via email is a good way to keep your property in the minds of previous guests and encourage repeat bookings.


  1. Set prices, special deals and packages relative to your local market

Do your research, use automated tools and keep an eye on the market to set your prices. Prices fluctuate all the time for many reasons. Be sure to consider your local market and seasons. Offer discounts for longer stays, last-minute bookings or whatever fits your area’s vacation rental market.

local vacation rental agency

  1. Encourage guest reviews

Encourage guests to leave reviews by providing a great experience and following up with a polite request after their stay. Be sure also to respond to guest reviews, positive and negative, showing you genuinely care about your guests’ experiences.

There are many things that you can do to promote your vacation rental in Mexico. It all depends on the investment you want to put into it; learning new tools, time investment, financial investment. You can create your own mobile-friendly website. If you’re really into social media, you can partner with influencers exchanging a stay at your property for social media promotion.

By following these steps, you can effectively promote your vacation rental property and begin attracting guests. Remember that successful promotion requires consistent effort and adaptation to your local market dynamics. Know if you will be able to put in the work to do the promotion or if it would be better to have a local vacation rental agency to handle it for you. With effective promotion, your vacation rental property can thrive and provide a steady income stream for years to come.

If you’re looking to invest in a vacation rental property in Mexico and have decided on the Oaxaca Coast, cosmopolitan Mazatlan or Yucatan, let us know. We will be happy to show you around. Get in touch with us here.

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