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Huatulco’s Economic Growth

by Brent May



There’s no doubt that the Huatulco economy is in a boom. Here we identify some of the factors that testify to the current positive, economic growth in Huatulco and Oaxaca State. The fact is that Huatulco is a master-planned community with much public funding at its inception. All of this creates a persistent and durable effect on local economics.

Tourism in Huatulco & Oaxaca Continue to Grow

The tourism indicators from this past spring indicate tourism spending was up by 7% in Oaxaca. Visitor numbers were down in Mexico in general but not in Oaxaca. The airport in Oaxaca City has added 15 new flights from different Mexican destinations.  Also new flights with convenient connections to American cities like L.A., Houston and Dallas were added. The number of Canadian visitors is also rising due to the same flights.

For instance, in March 2019, the number of foreigners arriving in Oaxaca by plane increased by 48.6% compared to March 2018. Although tourist numbers in other parts of Mexico are down, spending across Mexico is consistently on the rise. Foreign tourists spent US $2.21 billion in Mexico in the month of March 2019 alone. This was a 7.3% increase compared to March 2018.

Continuously Adding New Flights

Huatulco is continually adding flights not only from Mexican cities but also from international destinations. In the past year alone, Huatulco has added new flights directly from Tijuana, Monterrey, Querétaro, Guadalajara and more direct flights to Oaxaca City via TAR and Aero Toucan and now through Puerto Escondido via Interjet. International direct flights seasonally can be found through Minneapolis, Chicago, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg.

Boosting the Huatulco Economy

The June 8th, 2019 job fair in Huatulco is another testimony to the vigor of the local economy. Over 30 companies were present at the fair held at the Mercado Antiguo de Santa Cruz Huatulco. These companies offered over 600 jobs.

During the job fair, the Economy Ministry awarded 10 microcredits. These credits  contribute to boost the development and the conservation of jobs, through the financing options offered by the Economy Secretary.

“As never before in the history of Mexico, Oaxaca is seven times above the national average in the delivery of credits. The economy is built through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and is where the greatest number of jobs are generated. It is essential to continue supporting them,” said Guzmán Cobián.

The director of BanOaxaca, Paulo Ortiz Marcial, said that the Ministry of Economy will continue to generate cooperation and financial assistance links with the business sector to offer preferential and accessible loans that will allow them to start new businesses, capitalize and strengthen their competitiveness. (Acercan a Huatulco oportunidades laborales y microcréditos, retrieved 06/08/19 from https://www.ciudadania-express.com/2019/noticias/acercan-a-huatulco-oportunidades-laborales-y-microcreditos-)

Huatulco: Strong Sports Tourism Destination

At the same time, Huatulco is enforcing its image as a Sports Tourism Destination. Host of 2 triathlons, the 11th Annual World Cup Triathlon event was held in June 2019. The triathlon brought together international competitors hoping to earn points for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Participating in the local competition, the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa said:

“With these activities we position the Oaxaca and Huatulco brand worldwide, in a space where there is a great potential to take advantage of sports tourism. That is why this area of ​​the state has become one of the preferred destinations for events of this size.

…We have a great infrastructure, flights from different airlines continue to arrive. And that’s good, because it marks that Huatulco is still an alternative for tourists worldwide. These events bring economy, bring development for our people and promote a fundamental public policy that is health.”

(Huatulco se se consolida como destino para el deporte, retrieved 06/08/19 from https://www.ciudadania-express.com/2019/noticias/huatulco-se-se-consolida-como-destino-para-el-deporte)

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