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Off-the-Beaten-Path Mexico: Discovering Mexico’s Best Beach Towns

by Andrea Titzer


Mexicos best beach towns Huatulco

Although Cancun, Tulum and Puerto Vallarta get a lot of attention as big beach destinations, there’s a whole lot more coastline in Mexico worth checking out. Up and down the 9,330 kilometers of shores, you’ll find low-key surf towns and out-of-the-way spots for snorkeling and general exploring. Good luck finding crazy crowds too. -These places are a nice change of pace from the tourist traps. If you want to experience local flavor without a million other visitors around, consider heading off the beaten path to these hidden gems. You’ll find year-round sun, warm weather and ocean breezes! Mexico’s best beach towns are waiting to be discovered.

If you’re in the know, it won’t come as a surprise that USA Today featured Huatulco, Puerto Escondido and Zipolite as some of the absolute best under-the-radar beach towns in Mexico.  In their recent article, “Escape Cancun crowds: 8 quieter beach towns for your next vacation,” these towns on the Oaxacan Riviera were selected thanks to their natural beauty, recreational activities, accessibility to local culture and safety ratings. (source: Mexico’s SESNSP, Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System)

Mexicos best beach towns

Huatulco: A Coastal Paradise with Small-Town Charm

Huatulco has 36 beaches and nine bays, 340 days of sun per year, an appealing cost of living, affordable quality healthcare and a small-town vibe, making it one of Mexico’s best beach towns.

“The international airport is only 10 minutes away, and the area attracts tourists looking for a more authentic Mexican experience and small-town feeling,” says Brent May, founder and CEO of Bayside Real Estate.

 Less developed than many classical Mexican destinations, Huatulco offers many activities: water activities including surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, volunteer opportunities, gyms, walking routes, nature parks and beach clubs as well as general exploring adventures of the beaches and coastline. Huatulco’s stunning landscapes are created from the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains as a backdrop and the neighboring Huatulco National Park.

You can take a short flight from Mexico City to get to Bahias de Huatulco International Airport. Or take a direct flight through Dallas year-round and several Canadian cities in winter months.

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Mexicos best beach towns

Puerto Escondido: An Active Lifestyle and Affordable Coastal Gem

Puerto Escondido offers an unbeatable blend of affordability, stunning beaches, convenient amenities, and a lively yet laid-back atmosphere that attracts expats from around the world, cementing its place among Mexico’s best beach towns.

This coastal gem provides incredible value with oceanfront homes, beachfront condos, and apartments just steps from town but far enough to enjoy peace and quiet. Puerto Escondido has more beaches than days in a week, each with its distinct personality, and easy access to shopping, dining, healthcare. Also with a buzzing social scene, Puerto Escondido caters to every lifestyle – whether you’re a retiree, surfer, remote worker, or family. 

From boat tours through mangroves and bioluminescence experiences to a contemporary art museum, and hot springs, the experiences know no bounds. As Bayside’s local real estate agent Jon Ferioli states,

“From the trendy bars of Zicatela to the laid-back vibes of La Punta, the town has something for everyone. And with nods from international magazines, Puerto Escondido is quickly becoming the go-to spot for digital nomads seeking inspiration and connection.”

With direct flights to the nearby international airport, this affordable paradise offers an unparalleled active and social lifestyle amidst incredible natural surroundings.

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Mexicos best beach towns

The Authentic Charm of Oaxaca’s Costa Chica and Zipolite

The Oaxacan Riviera’s sun-drenched Pacific coastline stretches from Salina Cruz to the state of Guerrero, revealing the hidden gem known as the Costa Chica de Oaxaca. This authentic and laid-back shoreline offers a glimpse into the region’s coastal communities, from the secret beach of La Boquilla to the bohemian hub of Zipolite and the expansive La Ventanilla.

Unique beaches like La Mina and Estacahuite stand out with pristine sands and swaying palms. Punta Cometa provides dramatic vantage points to feel the Oaxacan coast’s energy. Quaint fishing villages like Puerto Angel and the renowned hippie-chic town of Zipolite offer a glimpse into the diverse community’s slow-paced way of life, solidifying it as one of Mexico’s best beach towns. Zipolite is a former hippie haven that has evolved into an eco-tourism destination while retaining its laidback, rustic charm. As Brent May comments,

“Located on the Pacific coast in Oaxaca, Zipolite’s former hippie culture is still retained with its laidback, rustic charm and a focus on eco-tourism. The community evolved around a hippie beach culture and has now become known for its excellent restaurants, bars, trendy boutique hotels, and low-key party culture.”

Zipolite’s vast beach is Mexico’s only legal nude beach and has a western surfing end, and the small LGBTQ+-friendly Playa del Amor at the eastern end. At about an hour drive, Zipolite can be reached either from Huatulco or Puerto Escondido airports

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