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Progreso to Open New Inflatable Water Park this Summer

by Brent May

Source: Yucatán Magazine

The port city of Progreso has announced that it will be opening a new inflatable water park just off of its boardwalk.

The water park, intended mainly for children, features large slides and sections for bouncing around and jumping in and out of the ocean.

The attraction will be supervised by trained lifeguards, but parents and guardians will still be encouraged to help keep an eye on their kids.

The use of lifepreservers will be compulsory for everyone attending the attraction, regardless of age.

The water park will be free for kids from Progreso and those enrolled in programs such as “For Kids’ Sake.”

The cost for the public at large has yet to be announced, but will likely run at around 100 pesos.

“We are really working to make Progreso the best it can be for the whole family and with all our new attractions we are sure to have a great summer,” said Ali Dib, of Progreso City Hall.

Other recent attractions and amenities to open in Progreso include a new park, Sendero Jurásico or “Jurassic Path,” which features large-scale replicas of dinosaurs and many other prehistoric animals.

Progreso has also been making several moves to make its beach and attractions more inclusive for people with disabilities.

For example, the city has set up five floating wheelchairs to make getting in and out of the ocean easier for people who are not able to do so on their own.

“We have also redesigned a merry-go-round with a ramp and places for wheelchairs,” said Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

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