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Welcome Fellow Agents & Brokers,

We are Canadians living our dream by combining our love of Mexico with our passion for real estate.

Our goal is to help your clients overcome any frustrations they may have with the buying process in Mexico.  This is demonstrated through world class customer service and our low pressure hands on approach.

We have streamlined our referral process to make it as easy as possible for you to make the most profit with the least effort.  Below are 3 ways to earn revenue through referrals with the Own Mexico Referral Program.  Click here for a complimentary template you may use on your website to help generate leads for Mexico real estate purchases.  


3 Ways It Can Work for You

1)  Register and refer a client to us and receive a minimum of 25% of our commission once the deal closes.  Commission rates can be a little different than in other countries and most are a 6% flat rate of the total purchase price. 

Please fill out the required information on the right and your client’s profile will be tagged with your name on it. We will contact you first to understand any special needs your client may have. Next we will contact your client to start the Own Mexico process. Please feel free to keep in touch with progress updates and we will let you know if a property sale materializes from your referral.

Thank-you for your trust with the referral of your client. We will be sure to take care of them.

2)  When retirees or those planning to retire purchase property in Mexico they typically sell their existing primary residence.  During the sales process in Mexico a tremendous about of time is spent and rapport is built between us and the buyer.  Before the Mexico buyer becomes a seller in their home city we will use our rapport and influence to recommend an agent participating in our referral program to the client now selling back in their home city.

3)  Many clients that have purchased in Mexico may not be just selling in their home to move to Mexico but in fact downsizing to a smaller house or condo so there is also an opportunity for the recommended agent to now sell the client a property in their home city. 

We are motivated to create a pathway that is the easiest for a fellow agent to receive a referral paycheck while knowing their client is being taken care with service and integrity. 

We are recommended by the Alberta Real Estate Training Institute and Alberta Home Builders.

“Brent worked with my group of REALTORS® when we were in Mexico and everyone was extremely pleased with how the tour of his product went. I would have no problem of recommending him to anyone” – Barry Hanna, Owner at the Real Estate Training Institute

“I have known and worked with Brent May since 2005, and miss the fact that he no longer lives in Canada. Brent’s extensive construction knowledge enabled him to be a business confidant that I could approach when I experienced issues. Brent also was able to lend us a hand when it came to real estate decisions and corporate matters. I would recommend Brent to anyone interested in real estate value, and an ethical business partner to work with that will help you to achieve you’re goals” – Justin Bobier, Owner of Crystal Creek Homes

To summarize,

3 ways to get paid: 1) Register and refer a client to us 2) Receive referrals for sellers 3) Receive referrals for downsizing buyers.

This makes sense to us, if it makes sense to you please register on the right to become a trusted partner in our Mexico Real Estate Referral Program.  


Brent and Erin May
Own Mexico / Bayside Real Estate Huatulco
CAN: 403-615-2885
MEX: (+52) 1-958-109-9771
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