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Santa Cruz, a Picturesque Paradise

by Brent May

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, a Picturesque Paradise

The famous Bahia Tangolunda, which is home to Huatulco’s hotel district, is connected to the Santa Cruz bay by a seaside boulevard that leads to the town of La Crucecita, a meeting place for locals where their warmth welcomes visitors with open arms. Here, you will find restaurants serving Oaxaca’s traditional dishes, small hotels and a market selling clothing, beach items and handcrafts. Boats depart from Santa Cruz dock to take visitors to the many beaches close by, such as Yerbabuena, Punta Cruz, La Entrega, or the Organo, Playa Maguey and Playa Cacaluta.

La Entrega beach is the place where Vicente Guerrero, the insurgent general, was betrayed by Francisco Picaluga on January 20th, 1831, and was executed by firing squad a few days later. Today, this beach is an important ecological reserve whose waters are home to coral reefs and a vast number of fish; you can relax here and enjoy its calm waves and temperate, crystal clear waters. La Entrega has recently become one of Huatulco’s favored beaches for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Both the Organo and Maguey have a beach with the same name – Organo and Maguey respectively – and both are perfect for relaxing and enjoying water sports. You’ll find the beaches are also home to a range of wildlife, including seagulls, hawks, ducks, golden fish, tuna and marlin. During the vacation season, these beaches are the ideal place to enjoy the region’s distinctive and delicious seafood. Cacaluta, home to a variety of beautiful natural spots, has two beaches to choose from: Cacaluta, with dramatic high waves, and Arroyo beach, where you’ll be able to see pelicans, sea hawks, crows, ducks and chachalacas in an unmatched natural landscape.

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