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Bahia de Tembo

by Brent May


For a day of discovery, escape to the hidden beach of Bahia de Tembo. About a 40-minute drive from the center of Huatulco and about 5 kilometers just east of Pochutla, after a dirt road drive through woods, hamlets and papaya groves, you’ll find the beach. There is a crystal-clear natural pool where the ocean water is trapped by a circular formation of rocks.  The natural pool with its clean and clear water is perfect for having a long, cool soak.

There are few restaurants around the beach that usually only open on weekends. Local cuisine, local seafood dishes and cold beer. Not many people are found here so the beach is usually calm and a great place for some laid-back relaxing. There are just basic amenities here. There are no hotels nearby, nor services for overnight stays. We recommend going on a weekday for the true Bahia de Tembo beach experience.


The main attraction is snorkeling or just sunbathing. It is ideal for swimming or to disconnect from the world and is well known for its serenity.

Bahia de Tembo is closer to Pochutla. To get there, from Huatulco take Highway 200 towards Pochutla for about 25 minutes. You’ll find a green traffic sign indicating Bahia de Tembo. Turn here and travel on a hidden dirt road. You will need to follow the road for 20 minutes to access the beach. Once at the beach, there are a few rules. No motor vehicles on the beach. Do not enter the natural pool with pets to avoid contaminating the water. Fires are prohibited on the beach.

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