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What Sets Puerto Escondido Apart from Other Markets

by Brent May

Puerto Escondido, nestled on the southern Pacific Coast of Mexico, stands out as a distinctive destination and real estate market. From its exciting food scene to a diverse community and a year-round rental market, Puerto Escondido offers a unique blend of culture, lifestyle, and investment opportunities. In this article, we have a look at the factors that set Puerto Escondido apart from other real estate markets.


  1. A New Foodie Destination

Puerto Escondido has emerged as a culinary hotspot with Oaxaca City, attracting food enthusiasts from around the globe. Both of these destinations privilege the farm-to-fork concept. The culinary scene is chef-driven, with many talented professionals incorporating locally sourced products, mixing traditional recipes with new cuisine, resulting in a delightful fusion of flavors. From street markets to upscale restaurants with fish and seafood as fresh as it gets, Puerto Escondido offers a gastronomic experience like no other.

The food scene notably offers exclusive culinary experiences. Unique restaurants within designer hotels, like the revered @kakurega_omakase at Casa Wabi, provide foodie experiences requiring long in advance reservations that set the town apart.


  1. Diversity in Culture and Community

One of Puerto Escondido’s distinguishing features is its diverse community, making it the most eclectic place in Oaxaca. The town attracts people from various backgrounds, including Europeans, Arabs, North Americans, and Africans. This blend of age and ethnicity contributes to a stimulating atmosphere for people who choose to live here.

  1. Laid-Back Lifestyle and Wellness Focus

Attracting families and young professionals, Puerto Escondido appeals to those seeking a laid-back, healthy lifestyle. The focus on sports, wellness, and overall well-being creates an environment where families and young couples thrive. Yoga offerings, chef retreats, and a commitment to local organic cuisine contribute to a quality of life that sets Puerto Escondido apart from other destinations. Read more about Why People Love Living in Puerto Escondido.

  1. Booming Real Estate Market

Puerto Escondido is witnessing substantial growth, both in terms of its town development and real estate market. The real estate market attracts a diverse range of investors, from young families to retirees, all seeking a simple, clean, and healthy lifestyle. New developments are coming on the market providing different housing options from single family homes to condo developments which are fairly new to this area.

Bayside Real Estate has a range of developments. Paxifico in La Punta de Zicatela with direct beachfront access, was designed by the renowned BAAQ architectural firm, led by Alfonso Quiñones. Construction has begun on Villas Marinero, a slow-living concept in a prime beach location on Playa Zicatela. Puerto Bambu in El Venado is a beachfront low-density development with unique 3 BR, 3.5BA beach homes. La Escondida near El Faro designed by internationally award-winning architects offering the perfect Mexican modern design has some villas for sale. Villas Palmarito has town house and villa options north of town.

  1. Year-Round Rental Market

Puerto Escondido’s real estate market has experienced a transformative shift, during and especially post-COVID. Once known for its traditional rental patterns of high winter rentals and lower spring through fall occupancy, the town has become a year-round destination. The influx of new residents and extended stays has eliminated traditional low seasons. From Americans seeking summer surf stays with their families to winter snowbirds and the continuous flow of surf enthusiasts throughout the year, Puerto Escondido is thriving, with occupancy rates ranging from 85-90% per month in condos near town.

  1. Growing Connectivity

As Puerto Escondido evolves, so does its connectivity. The airport is undergoing renovations, with plans for international flights from Canada, the US, Europe, and South America. The newly improved Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca City highway has drastically reduced travel time, making the city accessible in just 2 hours and 45 minutes, compared to the previous 6.5-hour journey. The hospitality sector is responding with boutique hotels, catering to the growing influx of visitors.

Read our article here about Puerto Escondido Airport’s Upcoming Transformation that has already begun.  

  1. Unique Architectural Projects

Architecture plays a crucial role in Puerto Escondido’s charm, with numerous projects designed by renowned architects. Read more about that in our article, Exploring the Architectural Projects of Puerto Escondido.


  1. Proximity to the Mountains

Beyond the coastal beauty, residents LOVE the proximity to the mountains – just 30 minutes to an hour away. Weekend getaways in mountain cabins provide a refreshing escape to visit coffee plantations, hike, and relax in the cool mountain air and forests.


  1. Unique Mexican Charm with an Active Expat Community

Puerto Escondido offers the best of both worlds of Mexican authenticity and an active expat community. Mexican people from all over Mexico including Mexican professionals like specialty doctors, are choosing Puerto Escondido for its unique charm and high quality of life. The town’s personality sets it apart from larger tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, offering a size that is just right – bigger than the coastal villages like Mazunte but not too small or too big.

Standing out as one of Mexico’s Top Emerging Markets, Puerto Escondido offers a unique blend of diverse culture, culinary excellence, and a thriving rental market. Coupled with a commitment to wellness, architectural innovation, and improved connectivity, Puerto Escondido is positioned as an exciting destination and investment opportunity. If you’re ready to make the move, get in touch with our agents. They will get to know your dreams and help you find the perfect home on the Oaxaca Coast.

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