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Pig Beach Yucatan

Raising Awareness for Animal Protection

by Brent May

Pig Beach Yucatan

On the Yucatan coast between Chelem and Progreso, there is a unique beach promoting recreation and animal protection awareness. Pig Beach is located in Yucalpetén. It is to the left of the Progreso pier facing the ocean, just across the street from the Naval School. Travelling by car, you will cross the Progreso-Chelem Bridge and turn right. If you’re traveling by public transportation, ask the combi driver to let you off at the Naval Zone.

This beautiful beach has a unique story. Named Pig Beach since the summer of 2021, 8 piglets were found with their mother in a vacant lot nearby. The mother died and animal services rescued the piglets and gave them medical attention, food and shelter. These eight Vietnamese pigs became the foundation for a project for raising awareness for animal protection. They have become local heroes.

Pig Beach Yucatan

Since, the beach has become a popular site for visitors who enjoy spending a moment petting the pigs, taking a picture with them, watching them swim and play in the sand… and learning about animal protection issues. The pigs leave their shelter to go out and enjoy the beach and the sea every day around noon for about an hour.

Parents are asked to keep an eye on children so the pigs do not become stressed. It is forbidden to feed them or carry or drag them around or to the water.

The beach has white sand and the stunning emerald waters of this part of the coast, calm and amazing for children and families to enjoy. It has become the first smoke-free beach in Yucatan.  Chairs and parasols are available. Pets are welcome.

Pig Beach Yucatan

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kolbie June 22, 2023 - 8:33 am

how much does it cost a person? im going on a cruise july 10th and will be there sometime.

Brent May September 7, 2023 - 12:04 pm

It is a fun activity!


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