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Investing, Retiring & Living in Mexico

Mexico has long been a popular vacation destination for North Americans. However, today, it is becoming a desirable place to vacation, retire and invest. Traveling, retiring and moving to Mexico gives you the opportunity to create a whole new life for yourself, build new relationships and immerse yourself in a new culture.

We Want to Help You

When we made the decision on moving to Mexico, we were extremely fortunate to have received helpful tips and information from other expats and neighbors who had gone through the same process. We now want to return the favour and help others with this process.

Introducing our ‘How To’ Guide

Our new ‘How To’ section will provide you with a complete guide on how to buy, move to, invest, retire and live in Mexico. From driving to Mexico to obtaining the proper Visa, we will be providing information that we hope will be helpful to you. And the information doesn’t just stop after the purchase has been made. We will continue to provide you with everything you’ll need, from helpful driving tips to how to get your Visa.

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