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Chachacual Bay

by Brent May

Chachacual Bay

Chachacual Bay is home to two of Huatulco’s most amazing virgin beaches: Chachacual and La India. The beaches are located south west of Santa Cruz Bay and only accessible by boat. This Bay is part of Huatulco’s ecological reserve, the Huatulco National Park. The beaches back up to mangroves and thick jungle vegetation, the deciduous dry forest of Huatulco, losing its leaves in the winter to save moisture. They are a must-see in all seasons for anyone who enjoys a more solitary escapade. Secluded and stunning, especially in the green, summer season, both beaches are surrounded by lush and green hills.

Chachacual Bay has two quiet beaches. The main beach, Chachacual Beach, is around 1200 meters long and about 30-40 meters in width with a steep slope.

Its smaller neighbor, La India, is around 350 meters long and about 30 meters wide with a gentle slope. Both beaches have rocky formations on their edges. Perfect for climbing around and discovering tide pools.

Both beaches are perfect for spending the day soaking up the sun, walking along the sand or snorkeling in the preserved coral reefs around the bay. Bring everything you will need for the day. Bring along a picnic and enjoy your lunch gazing at the extraordinary views. The clear blue and green tinted water and white sand make for a relaxing, idyllic getaway. If you like to get away from it all, this Bay is for you.

During your visit, you may see a large variety of wildlife. Many marine birds can be found around the rocks or fishing on the beach and there are several osprey usually fishing around the bay. You may also see chachalacas, quail, dove, badger, armadillo, skunk, raccoon, porcupine, rabbit, wild boar, deer, seagulls, pelicans, herons, and a diversity of fish (angel, balloon, butterfly, trumpet, etc.)

Since it is part of Huatulco’s National Park (Parque Nacional Huatulco) there are some rules and precautions you should follow in order to preserve the reef. If you swim or snorkel, use a coral reef-friendly brand of sunscreen or other alternative. Don’t touch or step on the coral, it is a living organism and touching can hurt it and stunt its growth. Don’t take sea shells with you. And always use boat services from providers that have authorizations and permits. You can schedule boat rides and tours to Chachacual Bay from the Santa Cruz Marina or Marina Chahue. It is also possible to visit the Bay during a day trip that includes several beaches.

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