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Playa Tahueca

by Brent May


Playa Tahueca is a 3.5-kilometer, unspoiled beach.  Not well-known, and definitely a little hidden from mainstream tourism, the beach holds a special charm.  This is an ideal place to experience nature. You can hear the birds, the waves, and not much else.  The beach is a 45-minute drive from Huatulco, and to the east of Puerto Angel. A 2-kilometer dirt road leads you to the beach from the main highway 200.

There are no buildings on the beach, no human activities disturbing its natural setting. Playa Tahueca is a perfect place for a picnic and a day of discovery. Go early and have a long walk. The beach is also linked to a laguna. Great for bird watching.

There are two restaurants near the beach, one called “Los Organos” and one in a cove at the east called “La Montura”.

More than just a peaceful place to go to, it is also legendary place. The famous legend about the pirate, Andrew Drake is linked to this beach. According to the local lore, he was being pursued by two Spanish vessels because he had stolen from them. To hide his treasure, he decided to bury it on this beach that somehow looked familiar to him. While digging, he found a cave and exclaimed in his Spanish: “…’ta hueca y ‘ta seca,” meaning “it’s hollow and dry”. The pirates with him remembered the beach as “Tahueca” and it has always been called by this name.


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