by Emjayoh
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Huatulco is Mexico’s Hidden Gem and Top Emerging Market due to the following key factors:
  • Ideal Hot and Sunny Climate
  • 340 Days of Sun
  • Low Risk Hurricane Zone | No Rain all Winter
  • Sustainable Commitment
  • Earth Check Platinum Certified
  • Blue Flag Certification
  • Low Density Master Plan
  • Over 60% of the Region are Green Spaces
  • Laid-Back Authentic Vibe
  • Word Class Infrastructure
  • International Airport Expansion
  • New International & Domestic Flight Announcements
  • New Superhighway Near Completion
  • New Hospital Announcement
  • New Hotels Being Built
  • New Development Rising Up
These recent infrastructure investments compliment initial investments such as wide roadways lined with palm tree filled medians, 2 marinas, filtered drinking water, sewage treatment and reuse systems and wind power, making it the cleanest sun destination in Mexico.
Capitalize on low oceanfront real estate prices timed with massive infrastructure injections making it the right time to invest in this top emerging market.
Huatulco is known for its ideal climate and incredible lifestyle upside. The area boasts 340 days of sunshine. It is a low risk hurricane zone with no rain all winter. 36 golden sand beaches. 9 unique bays. Warm, tropical Pacific waters. Mountains, valleys, coves and fresh water lagoons. Our home!