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Make your Dream Vacation Home a Reality

by Brent May



Purchasing your new home in paradise can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately the right real estate agent can make this a smooth, stress-free process. But when you got your ultimate property, next thing you’ll think is “how to make your dream vacation home a reality?” We’ve got you covered with our favorite local businesses and artisans that can help you furnish your vacation property. 

Unit 301 oceanfront condo viewpoint mexico - CopyFinding Your Furniture

Here in Huatulco, we have partners that offer beautiful handmade furniture perfectly suited for the area’s weather and elements. They even go one step further and offer to purchase all of your household items for you. From your toaster to your towels; your desired color schemes to your interior decor, name it and they’ll get it done for you. All of this shipped right to your new home, offering a simple turnkey move in. Ask us to put you in touch with the experts!




A great store to visit for quality linens and towels is Vianney.  You can purchase in the store or order from their catalogue. It is priced a little higher but the quality of the items is very good. 




Handmade mobile by Coastal Creations

Personalize your new home with unique art and décor that is just your style. There are many local artisans in Huatulco and area that can dress up your home. Rubin Art Gallery is located on the marina in Santa Cruz and offers a variety of unique pieces for your new coastal casa. For extra touches and unique ideas, visit Coastal Creations in Santa Cruz. 

Housewares & Electronics

Looking for a great price on houseware items? Check out Jessic Toys where you will find everything from plant pots, beach toys, dinnerware, small appliances, soriana_logo_detaillinens, pillows and more, all at very affordable prices.  Additionally both Chedraui and Soriana offer a variety of household items, electronics and more. Elektra is a large store in Huatulco with a full range of TVs, small and large appliances and other electronics.

Make things happen! Make your Dream Vacation Home a Reality. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy your new paradise in Huatulco wonderland!

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