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Barra de Navidad

by Brent May


If you want to get into nature, Barra de Navidad is the place. Close to Puerto Escondido, the estuary of the Colotepec River, Barra de Navidad is a hidden nature destination. Well known for its beautiful mangrove, wildlife and vegetation, you can go for a hike or rent a rowboat in the Laguna Palma Sola. You can ride bikes here or even go for a horse ride.

The river meets the ocean here and depending o the time of year, there may be a beach, a sand bar or a rushing river.

At least 40 species of birds can be seen year-round. During the winter, you can see around 70 species of birds due to migration. The laguna is also home to about 350 crocodiles. You can take a tour here in a rowboat to see them. This is also a turtle sanctuary. The Campamento Tortuguero Comunitario provides tours to learn about the sea turtles and their life cycle. The spot is perfect for animal lovers and photographers. You can also learn more about ecotourism projects here and sign up as a volunteer.

The restaurants “La Huerta de Don Juan” and “La Ballena”, (the whale), serve seafood and regional dishes.  Both are close to Barra de Navidad.

If you use public transport from Huatulco or Puerto Escondido, take the SUR bus line from the ADO Terminal. Ask for your ticket to km 147.  In the community of Barra de Navidad, which is before arriving to Puerto Escondido from Huatulco, ask for the Colotepec Ecotourism Project offices. From Puerto Escondido take a Taxi or Bus to Barra de Navidad and get off at the Colotepec Ecotourism Project Offices. 

If you use your own vehicle, take the Highway 200 and stop at kilometer 147, which is only 10 minutes from Puerto Escondido in the Huatulco direction, passing the Colotepec River bridge.



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