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Playa Puerto Angelito

by Brent May

For a day of relaxation, there is nothing better than Playa Puerto Angelito in Puerto Escondido. About a 10-minute drive from Zicatela, you’ll find a parking area and a jumping off point to the beach. With its beautiful rocks, golden sand and clear water, the beach attracts locals and tourists. It is a clean and safe beach and a great place to spend an afternoon. 

It is divided in two bays: Puerto Angelito and Playa Manzanillo.  The first  is mainly used by fishermen and boats to fish. You can even ask to go with them and see how they work! Lots of Mexican people come to the bay to buy fish, to rent a boat or to enjoy the beach, while the other bay is mainly for tourists. Head over the rocks on the northern end for some exploring.

The second bay lets you enjoy a nice swim in perfectly warm water (around 27°C or 80°F) and is well known for its calm ocean, with rare waves. You can then relax and enjoy the sun in this peaceful place. But if you get bored, you can go exploring and see dolphins, turtles and other marine life for 3 hours with Robert’s Ecotours or even go snorkeling.

The beach has its beauty all day long. In the late afternoon, around 5 p.m., the weather is more refreshing, and you can  enjoy a picnic until dusk.

Puerto Angelito is also close to restaurants if you are a seafood lover. Many restaurants and beach bars line the beach, offering lots of  seafood and ice cold beer choices.

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Don Darnell May 9, 2023 - 9:40 am

Would like to connect with learning about markets, restaurants etc. We will be at Viewpoint May 15 -27.

Brent May September 7, 2023 - 12:13 pm

Hey Don,

Please feel free to email info@baysidehuatulco.com for further information.


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