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Playa Tierra Blanca

by Brent May


Tierra Blanca. A long, undulating beach between Puerto Escondido and Santa Elena. From the Federal Highway 200, be on the lookout for the turn off. The dirt road leads straight out to the beach where you can literally drive right to the ocean. Tierra Blanca has been a small community of farmers growing watermelon, cantaloupe, sesame, black beans and peanuts. The economy is changing to tourism. You’ll find cozy beach cabañas for rent in this tiny community.

Tierra Blanca is one of those places where you always wish you had more time. Walk kilometers in either direction collecting shells. The beach is open sea but usually good for swimming, boogie boarding and playing around. Go with friends, family or a book.


There is one restaurant at the beach, Luna Nueva. And it is a good one.  It’s a great place for a fish filet, ceviche, a shrimp cocktail, all the Oaxacan coast classics, fresh and prepared with love. We recommend a fish filet “al ajillo.” This savory pepper, guajillo, fixed with garlic keeps us going back. They don’t serve alcohol, but if you ask nicely, they don’t mind if you bring yours.


With some tables under a palapa, and some tables on the sand, and a few small shade palapas on the beach with lounge chairs, you will enjoy the afternoon or the day here and already be planning your next trip back. There is also a snack bar serving hamburgers, fries and cold beer.




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