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Visiting the Dentist in Huatulco

by Brent May

When I lived in Canada, I visited my dentist religiously every six months for a check-up and cleaning. It was covered by insurance and the dentist reminded me on a regular basis.

After arriving in Huatulco, I was so busy setting up house and business, learning about my surroundings, swimming and making new friends that I totally forgot about the dentist. That is… until a crown popped out when I was flossing my teeth one night. Yikes!

I already knew that Mexican dentists are renowned for doing good work. They are even recognized as some of the best dentists in the entire world. Actually many Americans travel down just to do dental work in Mexico or plan dental work during their vacations or winter time in Mexico. So I was hopeful I would have a good experience.

Finding a Quality Dentist

I asked around a bit and found a dentist that came highly recommended. Since my Spanish is not great, I was pleased to know he spoke excellent English. I emailed him, explained my predicament and he had me come in to his office the very next day.

A Typical Appointment

His office was spotless and beautiful! Very classy with art photos on the white walls. It had a calming presence. The equipment was brand new and impressive. He looked at the crown in my hand, cleaned it off, cleaned up the base and glued the tooth in again – all was well and the total cost was only 600 pesos!

As long as I was there and so pleased with my experience, I told him I’d like to set up a long overdue cleaning. He offered a couple of options: he could do a regular one for 500 pesos or an ultrasonic one for 1200 pesos. I opted for the second and we set an appointment for the following week.

I needed a round of antibiotics before the procedure and in Mexico that requires a prescription. Dr. Wilfreddy gave me the prescription. I was instructed to take the medicine for five days preceding my cleaning appointment and to continue a few days afterwards. Cost of antibiotics was about 250 pesos from Farmacias Similares.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

On the day of the appointment I arrived early. He was just finishing up another patient and let me know it would be only a short wait. The waiting area was in a lovely shaded garden. This peaceful area was a great benefit because no matter how many good experiences I have at the dentist, it is always a little scary. The wait was short and very pleasant.

Dr. Wilfreddy showed me in and we talked about my mouth care before he set up the ultrasonic cleaner. Never having that type of cleaning done before, I found it interesting and a much more comfortable process than the old-fashioned way. It was thorough and fortunately he found nothing else in my mouth to cause concern.

We settled up the bill in cash and I was on my way with a solid crown and shiny teeth! All in all, it was a remarkably good experience. It is hard to know what differences there might be in the dental care of another culture but I was pleased with the care I received here and plan to continue with him as my dentist.

Please note that dental care and costs vary throughout Huatulco and adjacent areas. The best practice is to ask around and get referrals from people you know and trust. And when you contact the dentist you should find out what they will charge and if they prefer cash or credit. Knowing these things ahead of time will ensure you have a much more pleasant visit.

Dentists in Huatulco Who Speak English

The following dentists all speak English and one speaks German as well:

  • Dr. Wilfreddy Marin Carrasco (Speaks English)



Located at Sector L, Chahue, in front of the Police Station

  • Dra. Reyna Rangel Lopez (Speaks English and German)



Located at Sector J, Rio Coatzacoalcos

  • Dra. Patricia Jimenez de Quiroz Bader (Speaks English)



Located at Centro, La Crucecita, upstairs across the street from Plaza Madero

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Thanks Brent. Great information!

Brent May September 7, 2023 - 12:15 pm

Hey Jana,

Glad you enjoyed it.


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