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Puerto Escondido Healthcare and Hospitals

by Brent May


Puerto Escondido Healthcare and Hospitals

Puerto Escondido is a family-friendly, safe, tropical, laid-back lifestyle town. It is one of the best-value- for the money beach destinations in Mexico; the cost of living allows living a luxury lifestyle on a budget.

Puerto has it all. An international airport, important bus station serving Mexico and Central America, local markets with fresh fish and locally sourced products, big supermarkets, a tropical climate with an ocean breeze, an easy-going expat community, an array of restaurants and eateries that will astound you foodies, and live music and entertainment every night of the week.

We know that the quality and availability of healthcare are essential considerations for anyone thinking about a move. Fortunately, Mexico in general is known for having high-quality medical services at a fraction of the cost than in the States. You can read more about that in our blog.

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Let’s have a look at the healthcare and hospitals around Puerto Escondido.


Puerto Escondido Healthcare and Hospitals

Puerto Escondido has lots of healthcare options. There are hospitals, clinics, general care practitioners, many dentists, opthalmologists and medical laboratories.

Puerto Escondido has one of the more important private hospitals along the coast right in the center of town, Hospital Angel del Mar or Clinica Hospital Angel del Mar. This hospital offers private medical care at a reasonable price, emergency services and has a long list of specialties. Some of the specialists provide appointments every day and others visit on a monthly basis from a larger city.

Puerto Escondido Healthcare and Hospitals

The hospital provides the following specialties:

·      Anesthesiology

·      Angiology

·      Audiologist

·      Reproductive Biologist

·      Cardiology

·      General Surgery

·      Pediatric Surgery

·      Endoscopy and Gastroenterology Surgeon

·      Maxillofacial Surgeon

·      Plastic Surgeon

·      Colo proctologist

·      Dermatology

·      Gastroenterology and Pediatric Nutrition

·      Gynecology

·      Nutritionist

·      Family Medicine

·      Internal Medicine

·      General Practitioner

·      Neurosurgery

·      Pediatric Neurology

·      Neurologist

·      Ophthalmology

·      Oncology

·      Pediatric Orthopedics

·      Orthopedics and Traumatology

·      Otolaryngology

·      Pediatrics

·      Psychology

·      Radiology and Imaging

·      Urology

·      Hematologist


Puerto Escondido Healthcare and HospitalsIt is generally easy to set up an appointment. Some of the doctors offer appoints that can be reserved online through doctoralia.com. Appointments can also be made through the website portal of the Hospital. Choose a specialist and the calendar will show days they consult and price of the consultation.

 The phone numbers are also listed and you can also just call to make an appointment.

Location: Sexta Norte esquina, Calle Primera Ote. S/N, Sector Reforma, 71980 Puerto Escondido

+52 954 104 2270

Puerto Escondido also has a public General Hospital, Hospital General, regarded like the Angel del Mar, as a good trauma and emergency hospital. This hospital also has many specialty doctors.

Location: Raúl González S/N, Jardines, 71985 Puerto Escondido


Finding a Doctor

You will find many general practitioners in Puerto Escondido. We always recommend talking with your expat community for personalized recommendations. Highly recommended by expats are:

Dr. Max (954) 582-0440. Located on Oaxaca Av. 603, but doesn’t speak English.

Dr. Omar Lopez Perez, (Dr. Max’s son) same location, (954) 582-3634, fluent English.

Dr. Francisco Serrano (954) 582-0548. Located on Blvd. del Pacifico 508, speaks English.

Dr. Cross and his staff at the Cruz Roja on 7a Norte near Av. Oaxaca

Dr. Francisco Perez Sanchez at Clinica Olvera, Av. Marina Nacional, esq. Perez Gasga, Puerto Escondido. Tel: 954 582 0968. 


Finding a Clinic

There are also several clinics in town including La Clinica del Sur and Olvera Medical Clinic. Talk with your expat friends to see if they recommend one. We had a good experience with the Olvera Medical Clinic. https://mexicoliving.com/my-experience-with-a-small-surgery-in-mexico/

Health care Puerto Escondido

Seeing a Doctor in a Pharmacy

As in all of Mexico, you can also see a doctor for a basic, straight-forward exam at a Pharmacy. There doctor visits cost around 50 pesos, and more if the doctor gives an injection or cleans wounds, etc. Read more here.



Also as in all of Mexico, you will find several large pharmacies in towns and cities. You can buy generic brands at the Farmacia Similares for significantly less. There is also a homeopathic pharmacy on Tercera Poniente close to the intersection with the main highway, Carretera Costera.


Medical Laboratories

There are numerous labs in Puerto Escondido where you can go for blood work and all other lab services.

Laboratorio Clinica Sol

Calle 3a Nte., Centro, 71980 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico

+52 954 582 0092

Laboratorio Medical Care

1ra norte. esq 2a Pte 1er Piso col. Centro, Centro, 71980 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico

+52 954 118 1503


Overall, the healthcare options in Puerto Escondido are good quality, good levels of care and sufficient for most people’s needs. Most expats choose private healthcare options generally for better service and because the prices are reasonable. These healthcare options combined with the quality of life and infrastructure are boosting Puerto Escondido as the draw along the Pacific Coast. If you’re ready to explore your home buying options along the coast, get in touch with us. Our agents have also made the move and understand where you’re coming from.



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