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How to Achieve Work-Life Balance in Mexico: The Leon Family’s Story

Part 2

by Brent May

Moving to Mexico is a decision many people contemplate for various reasons. Whether it’s seeking a change of pace, a warmer climate, experiencing a new culture and learning a new language or simply a new adventure, the allure of Mexico is undeniable. Today, we catch up with Mike Leon, our Bayside Real Estate agent in Huatulco, who shares his family’s experience five years into their Mexican journey.


Childhood Dreams Fulfilled

Mike reminisces about his childhood in Toronto, painting a picture of bustling streets and carefree adventures. Now, as a father of two sons, aged 11 and 13, he sees them relishing a similar upbringing in Huatulco. He notes the abundance of activities and the sense of safety that allows his boys to wander freely in town, mirroring his own childhood experiences.


Abundant Opportunities

In Huatulco, Mike’s sons are thriving, engaging in many activities ranging from soccer to music lessons. The small-town vibe not only fosters a sense of community but also makes these activities more accessible and affordable compared to their Canadian counterparts. Mike emphasizes the quality of teachers and the options available, enabling his sons to explore their interests freely.

Family-Centric Lifestyle

One of the most significant changes for Mike and his family has been the shift towards a more family-centric lifestyle. With reduced commute times and a slower pace of life, they’ve found themselves spending more quality time together. Designing their lives around their children has led to a better work-life balance and a closer-knit family life.

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Overcoming Skepticism

Initially, the decision to move to Mexico was met with skepticism from some family members, fueled by negative media portrayals. However, visits from loved ones and firsthand experiences have dispelled these fears. Witnessing the Leon family’s thriving lifestyle has even prompted some to follow suit, with one family member purchasing a home in Huatulco.

Embracing Adventure

Living in Mexico has opened up a world of opportunities for the Leon family. From their new home base, they’ve been able to take impromptu road trips close and far away embracing the spirit of adventure. They have been able to travel extensively while still enjoying the comforts of home in Huatulco.

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A Vibrant Community

Mike and his wife have found a vibrant community in Huatulco, filled with like-minded individuals and fellow expats. The influx of families post-COVID has only enriched the community, reflecting a broader trend of people prioritizing lifestyle and flexibility over traditional norms.


Gratitude and Fulfillment

Reflecting on their journey, Mike expresses immense gratitude for the opportunity to live such a fulfilling life in Mexico. The improved quality of life and better health outcomes serve as testaments to their decision to embrace change. As Mike puts it, “Our enjoyment of life is proof of success in changing lifestyles.”

The Leon family’s story is just one example of the countless expats who have found a new home and a renewed sense of purpose in Mexico. If you’re considering making the move yourself, mexicoliving.com offers a wealth of practical resources, from visa information to real estate listings.

If you’re ready to make Huatulco your new home, get in touch with Mike. He’ll help you find your new family home.

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