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Why We Love Mazatlán

by Brent May

Why We Love Mazatlán

Our love of Mexico began 27 years ago as we traveled through Mexico. We were reminded that our hearts were first stolen in Mazatlán as we spent time there this summer. Today’s Mazatlán has really impressed us. It is most definitely a beach town transforming into a modern, cosmopolitan city offering an amazing lifestyle and investment opportunity.

Mazatlán, known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” appeals to expats for a lot of different reasons. Sitting right on the coast just across the Gulf of California from Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán offers all of the traditional expat attractions like an amazing climate, an incredible location and a reasonable cost of living. This colonial port city offers a whole array of activities, services and an attractive ambiance thanks to the people who live here. At the heart of it all, Mazatlán extends the opportunity of an excellent coastal lifestyle with a relaxed pace of life.

Because of its location and geography, Mazatlán is an active lifestyle destination. So when you feel like walking, cycling, surfing, yachting, playing tennis or pickle-ball or golfing, they are all readily available. Mazatlán also offers the relaxed pace that we love about Mexico. When you feel like taking it easy in the shade, you’ll find plenty of beautiful places to relax. With 13 beaches, there is no lack of space.

And Mazatlán is an affordable Pacific Coast destination. This is still real Mexico with its authentic style. Likely the most affordable of the Pacific Coast resort destinations, Mazatlán has been “off the beaten track” so far which provides it with more affordability. However, you’ll see in the reasons why we love Mazatlán that it is far from lacking.

Savvy investors are getting in the game now. There’s no doubting the massive investment happening all around Mazatlán from real estate to the commercial sector with the alignment of government and private sectors working together. The Centro Histórico has been renovated and the city has followed suit with infrastructure investments, attracting national and foreign investment and upping its game across the board with the opening of a new convention center and complete renovation of the city’s central park.

Mazatlán is no longer being overlooked by expats looking for a lifestyle change and investors wanting to get into the market. Here is our bucket list of why we love Mazatlán!


Location, Location, Location

Mazatlán sits right on the Pacific. It is opposite the southern part of the Baja Peninsula. Amazing sunsets can be enjoyed at all locations around town. With over 32 kms/ 20 miles of wide, walkable, swimmable beaches, you’ll find plenty to do. Water temps range from 22.5 °C (72.5 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F). Go on an excursion to see dolphins and whales migrating through the waters. Deer, Bird and Wolf Islands sit just off the coast. You can hike here and observe birds in these environmentally protected areas. Take a walk down the Malecon, Mazatlán’s 21-kilometer boardwalk.


Easy To Get To

Mazatlán has a recently expanded international airport with daily domestic & international flights to the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. There are many year-round travel connections. Mazatlán is an easy 2.5-hour flight from LAX. The ocean-side colonial city is also just one day driving distance from the U.S. It has good road infrastructure in and out and to the U.S. It is also an excellent base to discover other parts of Mexico.

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Vibrant Old Mazatlán

Why We Love MazatlánThe Centro Histórico or Old Town has been completely redone. With its tree-lined streets, it is a vibrant and picturesque downtown with a colonial European vibe. It has plazas, European-style cafés, boutiques, courtyard restaurants, and many century-old colonial homes. The city market covers an entire city block. This is the heart of the culinary and cultural scene.


Incredible Cultural Scene

Mazatlán boasts rich historical and cultural attractions and a huge year-round cultural scene. Historically known as a mining city with the discovery of gold and silver in the 1700s in the Sierra Madre mountains, commerce and trade with Europe, Asia and South America flourished. The town’s architecture developed in the 1850’s, reflects French, Spanish and British colonial influences. Often one county would finish one floor of a building, years would pass and another country would finish another creating a unique mix of styles.

Mazatlán has a Zocalo and the historic center extends out from the Cathedral. A famous park, Plazuela Machado, located in the downtown area that was built and donated by Don Juan Nepomuceno Machado, a Philippino banker who benefited from early trading. Mazatlán has the distinction of being the only coastal city with a historical theatre, the Angela Peralta Theatre.

With many events, entertainment, activities, an 8-week long annual Cultural Festival, Carnival, a dance festival and other holiday celebrations, there is always something going on.  Carnival is the third biggest event in the world. Also, the Ciclotour happens with a week of on- and off-road bike races. Many of the events are free. You can not only attend the events, but make friends and meet people by getting involved with the organisation.


Food Lover’s Paradise

If you are a foodie, you will be in paradise in Mazatlán. Here, you’ll enjoy amazing, market-fresh food and you will eat shrimp! Mazatlán is one of the biggest shrimp ports in the world. You’ll find all different sizes and in many different dishes. You will also find all other kinds of seafood and fish. Produce is grown around Mazatlán. You will find fresh, local produce at your neighborhood store and in the city market.

Eating out in Mazatlán can go from street vendors to upscale dining with a dress code. You will enjoy specialty restaurants with a daily menu del chef according to the freshest daily market produce and catch of the day, you will enjoy shrimp tacos under a palapa on the beach, delicious chilaquiles (with shrimp if you like!) at the market and authentic casual Mexican food at several classic restaurants in town. Mazatlán is a food lover’s paradise with unique dining experiences, plentiful shrimp and seafood and where everything is fresh.


Best-Quality Healthcare Options

With state-of-the-art medical care, Mazatlán has two hospitals, Marina Mazatlán Hospital and Sharp Hospital and other sound public and private healthcare options accepting international health insurance. Smaller walk-in medical clinics can be found in several neighborhoods. Many doctors provide walk-in appointments usually costing around $25 all around the city. Mazatlán is also a leader in Medical tourism and a top plastic surgery destination. You can easily book an appointment in Mazatlán with a specialist online.

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Mazatlán is in the state of Sinaloa which you may have heard about on the news. Is it safe? Yes, it’s safe. Safer than many places up north. If you’re not involved in a cartel or selling drugs, no one cares what you are doing. New expats are considered an important part of the economy contributing to the success of local businesses. Just be sensible and take the usual precautions, as in any city in the world.


All of the Conveniences

As a city of about 500,000, Mazatlán offers many conveniences making life easy here. Grocery shopping can be done at the corner store, a small neighborhood market, in a large supermarket, or at the Old Town market that covers an entire city block. There are large department stores like Liverpool, Soriana, WalMart and Home Depot and a huge array of conveniences like a Mac Store, many banks,ATMs., pharmacies, etc. The old city offers boutique shopping. Each neighborhood has its own set of convenience stores.

Affordable Cost of Living

Although prices are going up everywhere, Mexico still offers a more affordable cost of living than up north. Mazatlán in particular offers a high standard of coastal living for less. Homes and condos can still be found with ocean views for reasonable prices. Beachfront homes are also available. Daily living expenses will generally cost less across the board. You will find more affordable groceries with fresher fruits and veggies, you will pay less for lunch or dinner out, drinks included and fresh seafood to boot and on down the line. A doctor’s appointment and even a house call costs $30-$60. A vet call costs about $30. The cost of things ranging from eyeglasses to cultural events to taxi rides can be incredibly less expensive than up north.

These are just a few of the reasons we love Mazatlán. In our coming blog articles, we’ll explore other reasons why expats love it and why savvy investors are in the game now. As you explore this location for living part or full time or for retiring, you will see that Mazatlán has a lot on offer as a new, cosmopolitan city with 5-star amenities.

We have a variety of property styles and locations: historical quarter, marina area, golf course, condos, homes, and family living. If you’d like to know more about life in Mazatlán and our listings here, get in touch. Sign up for our free webinar!



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