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An agreeable climate with a high standard of coastal living provides an attractive venture for those seeking the beauty of living on the ocean without commercialisation and a high concentration of tourist resort-style areas. The coastal area where Mazatlán is located is known as the ‘Mexican Riviera’. It’s an excellent location if you enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, surfing, yachting etc.


  • Pleasant, Sunny Winters 27 C° / 81 F°
  • 32 Kms/20 Miles of Walkable, Swimmable Beaches
  • Vibrant Downtown with Colonial European Vibe
  • Year-Round Cultural Scene
  • High Standard of Coastal Living
  • Affordable Relaxed-Pace Lifestyle
  • Daily Domestic & International Flights: US & Canada
  • Many People Speak English
  • Easy to Make Friends, Large Expat Community
A colonial port city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlán boasts miles of beaches, good infrastructure and travel connections and an enjoyable climate.


  • Dominating Investment Scene in Mexico
  • Domestic/Foreign Private & Federal Investment
  • Commercial Port with Cruise Ship Dock
  • International Airport & New Cargo Airport Planned
  • Growing Port Infrastructure with Housing & Hotels
  • Mazatlan Central Park Nearing Phase I Completion
  • Quality Roads In & Out to US
  • Corredor T-Mec Railway Project Linking Mex/US/Can
  • Quality Private & Public Healthcare System