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Mazatlan, known as the “Pearl of the Pacific” sits right on the coast just across the Gulf of California from Los Cabos. This colonial port city offers a whole array of activities, services and an attractive ambiance thanks to the people who live here and the dynamic local government. The glitzy beach town visited by celebrities in the 70’s is transitioning into a cosmopolitan city with 5-star community amenities. With over 300 days of sun per year, Mazatlán offers an ideal active beach lifestyle.

Facing the Pacific, amazing sunsets can be enjoyed at all locations around town. With over 32 kms/ 20 miles of wide, walkable, swimmable beaches, you’ll find plenty to do. Winters are pleasant and sunny. Water temps range from 22.5 °C (72.5 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F). Go on an excursion to see dolphins and whales migrating through the waters. Deer, Bird and Wolf Islands sit just off the coast. You can hike here and observe birds in these environmentally protected areas. Take a walk down the longest boardwalk in the world, the 21-kilometer Malecon along the ocean.

Daily Domestic & International Flights

Mazatlan is easy to get to. It has a recently expanded international airport with daily domestic & international flights to the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. There are many year-round travel connections. Mazatlan is an easy 2.5-hour flight from LAX. The ocean-side colonial city is also just one day driving distance from the U.S. It has good road infrastructure in and out and to the U.S. It is also an excellent base to discover other parts of Mexico.

Year-round Cultural Scene

MazatlánMazatlan boasts rich historical and cultural attractions and a huge year-round cultural scene. Historically known as a mining city with the discovery of gold and silver in the 1700s in the Sierra Madre mountains, commerce and trade with Europe, Asia and South America flourished. The town’s architecture developed in the 1850’s reflects French, Spanish and British colonial influences. And with many events, entertainment, activities, an 8-week long annual Cultural Festival, Carnaval, a dance festival and other holiday celebrations, there is always something going on.

Amazing Culinary Scene

Mazatlan is a food lover’s paradise with an incredible range of unique dining experiences ranging from trendy to simple. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that ingredients are market-fresh. Fresh shrimp, seafood and fish arrive daily at the port. Just outside of town, produce is grown and sent to market every day.

High Standard of Coastal Living

Mazatlan has an ideal area for you with a variety of property styles and locations: historical quarter, marina area, golf course, retreat-style, condominium, and family area living. Within the three major areas, there are a number of neighborhoods each with its own appeal depending on your personality and what you value most. Each neighborhood is ideal in its own way.

The Centro is the old town, the heart of the city. This area which is the furthest south, has a mix of colonial, European vibes and most authentic Mexican experience. This is the art, theatre and culinary capital of this mid-size town. Vibrant and picturesque downtown with colonial European vibe with plazas, cafés, boutiques, courtyard restaurants. Playa Sur is just south. Larger family homes are available here and the neighborhood is just a 10-minute walk to the Centro. Olas Altas or Loma Linda will sit you just away from the Centro and offers ocean views.


The Golden Zone in the middle of Mazatlan has condos and hotels, all with ocean views and spectacular sunsets. With miles of walkable sandy beaches, the area is easily walkable and loaded with any convenience you could want. The area is more modern with more beach access and you’ll find an entire collection of restaurants, cafés and conveniences. The Malecon starts at the southern tip. The new Central Park is located here. Lomas is a quiet, residential neighborhood with larger, gated family homes and condos. Sabalo Country is the quieter northern part of the Golden Zone with easy beach access and many restaurants and shops. El Cid is a gated community with marina access to the ocean.

Marina/ Nuevo Mazatlan is the newest developed area with loads of conveniences from a mall, large department stores, supermarkets, easy access to golf on either side and the Marina Hospital topped off with beautiful marina views. Cerritos in Marina is the furthest neighborhood north, is very quiet and has a lot of beach access.

Dynamic Mazatlan

Mazatlan is dominating the investment scene in Mexico. Massive investment is happening all around Mazatlan from real estate to the commercial sector. Federal infrastructure investment and domestic and foreign private investment can be seen. The city has a commercial port with a cruise ship dock, an international airport, a new cargo airport is planned as well as development at the commercial port to provide access to the TMEC Railway Project linking Mexico, the US and Canada. The MZT Aerospace park, a new R & D hub is underway.

The Centro Historico has been renovated and the city has followed suit with infrastructure investments, attracting national and foreign investment and upping its game across the board with the opening of a new convention center and complete renovation of the city’s Central Park.

A World Trade Center is under consideration with millions of dollars in investment. The building will house ultra-mixed uses and towers with more than 25 levels including housing, a business class hotel, a shopping plaza, corporate office installations and medical services. A new cargo airport is planned and 4 shopping malls have opened over the past 4 years.

Mazatlan is no longer being overlooked by expats looking for a lifestyle change and investors wanting to get into the market. An active lifestyle destination with many conveniences, a quality healthcare system, a friendly and warm expat scene, a relaxed pace of life and loads of beach access, Mazatlan really has something for everyone. It comes as no surprise that the city has won the World Travel Award for “Leading City Destination” for 3 years across Mexico and Central America.