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Oceanside at Cruz del Mar – Investment

CDM_Oceanside_LR_4The Ultimate Investment Opportunity.

Purchase with confidence at Oceanside Cruz del Mar and secure your investment with their Guaranteed Rental Return Option. Renting your new oceanside suite at Cruz del Mar is convenient and worry-free; just one more benefit of being an owner at Oceanside.

oceanside-value-proposition-rentalLong term renters, small group sizes

Oceanside at Cruz del Mar is poised for the ultimate rental situation.  The suites show and rent extraordinarily well, garnering some of the most impressive rental income in Huatulco.  

Renters at Cruz del Mar are international residents with large disposable income, looking for a restful retreat or romantic getaway.  

Typically, most renters are couples on a quiet vacation, or small groups that are intrigued by Oceanside’s great location, fantastic views and proximity to La Crucecita and Santa Cruz.  These types of renters are ideal; as they are respectful and take good care of your property.  Since Huatulco offers an abundance of outdoor activities, the demographics that visit are most likely to want to enjoy their surroundings and appreciate the tranquil atmosphere at Oceanside.

couple-on-vacationKick back, relax and enjoy your purchase worry-free.

We take care to ensure your suite is generating rental income, with very few occupancy weeks required per year to help you cover the costs of owning at Oceanside.  This additional income will help to supplement the costs of your purchase and cover costs associated with home ownership, you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. With access to the largest pool of renters looking to vacation in Huatulco, we select only the most qualified candidates to rent at Oceanside.


Projected cash flow based on a $400,000 USD purchase with an $80,000 down payment.