Discover Huatulco
Mexico’s Hidden Gem & Top Emerging Market

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Why Huatulco (Wa-Tool-Co)

• Consistent Hot Sunny Climate

• Beautiful Untouched Beaches

• Award Winning Environmental Area

• Billions in Infrastructure

• Low Density Master Plan

• Low Oceanfront Real Estate Prices

• Laid Back Authentic Mexico

Sustainable Community

EarthCheck Platinum Certification 2018

Blue Flag Certificate 2018 – Chahue and Tangolunda Beach

Green Globe Award 2010

70% of the region is reserve land, green spaces and national park

Waste management and reuse program

Filtered drinking water and recycling

Clean and manicured streets, medians, parks and beaches

Beach Paradise

9 bays, 36 beaches

Dine, swim, surf, snorkle, dive

Endless untouched beaches to explore

Beach Resort Development

Perfect Climate

• 340 days of sun 

• Average daily temperature 28°C / 86° F

• Sub-tropical southern location

• Consistent hot and sunny climate year around

• No rain the entire winter season, just blue sunny skies

• Low risk hurricane zone

Infrastructure & Investment

• Multi-million dollar International Airport expansion

• New flights being announced

• New Hotels being built

• New Development rising up

• New Super Highway being completed

• New Hospital Announcement

• Wide roadways with medians lined with palm trees

• Two marinas

Incredible Investment Opportunity


Low Density Master Plan

• FONATUR, an arm of the federal government planned Huatulco

• Developers restricted to 3 & 4 stories high

• Developers must have more Green Spaces

• 70% of the region is reserve land, national park & green spaces

• Less concrete & people on the coast

Real Estate Opportunity

• Full Disclosure Buyer Representation

• Property from $60,000 to $5.5 M USD

• PreConstruction New Development

• Fully Furnished Real Estate

New flights being announced

• Beach, Oceanfront, Urban and Mountain

• Huatulco, Puerto Angel, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca City