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Featured Properties (LP)

by Emjayoh

ViewPoint Mexico

When you dream of a tropical paradise, do you dream of aquamarine hues? Or of fiery pinks and reds of a Pacific Ocean sunset?

Then you dream of the Viewpoint at Puerto Angel, Mexico’s premier destination. Viewpoint is a mosaic of moods and memories. It is the sensual breezes off the southern Pacific Ocean, and the quaint village of Puerto Angel, Mexico. It is the gracious and warm people who welcome you in with open arms.

It is a one of a kind development on a spectacular peninsula affording endless views. Couple this with miles of powdery, secluded beaches and you will see why this region of Mexico is fast becoming the next great destination.

You wouldn’t dream of owning anywhere else in Mexico…Viewpoint at Puerto Angel.

Oasis Pacifico

Between old world and new world Mexico, where sun and sand meet the warm waters of the Pacific, awaits the haven of Oasis Pacifico. Luxurious beachfront homes overlook the ocean while palm trees sway overhead.

Oasis Pacifico is the perfectly situated confluence of any manner of outdoor activity; the gentle bustle of village restaurants, cafes and shops; and the quiet charms of authentic Mexico.

Part of the eco-friendly, government-sponsored, responsible expansion of Mexico’s hidden jewel, the Huatulco area, Oasis Pacifico provides a piece of heaven with peace of mind.

The time has never been better to look south for expanded investment horizons. Look no further than Oasis Pacifico.