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by Emjayoh

SAMPLE TEXT, to be edited by BRENT

Own Mexico is about presenting you with each and every opportunity you have to “Own Mexico”. On first glance it seems pretty obvious: Buy Property! But when you dig a little deeper you quickly find there are so many ways to make your Mexico dream come true. I mean, what does “Buy”, or “Property” even mean? Buy could mean obtain, lease, control, time-share, partner, or develop. Property could mean: a house, a condo, land, commercial, businesses and more.

And what’s more, the dream of “Owning Mexico” is more than just the action of buying, or acquiring some property. It’s about owning the dream, maximizing your investiment, and your enjoyment. This means undestanding all these opportunities, whether you’re aim is to retire in Mexico, invest in Mexico, develop land in Mexico, own vacation homes and rent vacation homes in Mexico, and even reside, own businesses, and pay taxes (rather pay less taxes) in Mexico.

The Top Opportunities

  1. Buy Property in Mexico
    1. Buying Condos
    2. Buying Land
  2. Retiring in Mexico
  3. Owning a Vacation Home for Rent

Other Opportunities

  1. Living in Mexico
  2. Residing in Mexico