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Ready to live your dream in Mexico but unsure how close you are? Take our “Are You Ready for Mexico Living?” survey quiz! Discover your stage in the Mexico Living Buyer’s Journey and learn how to accelerate your progress towards your dream life. Quick, insightful, and tailored to you, this quiz is your first step to a Mexican paradise. Start your journey now!

Get $100 off a Stay & Play and Build Your Roadmap

Your Mexico Living Roadmap is a Plan, a Guide, a Checklist to get your from Dreaming to Living Well in Mexico. Complete your Roadmap and we’ll give you a $100 off your Stay & Play to Scout your property as well as exclusive access to the Bayside Club including guest benefits with our local partners including beach clubs, golf courses, gyms and much more.

Dream Mexico Location

If you’re still deciding what Location is best for you in Mexico, or even if Mexico i the Country, this Quiz will help you decide.

Dream Mexico Lifetsyle

Vacation Property? Investment? Snowbirrd? There are many Lifestyles in the Mexico Living Dream. Choose Yours.

Buying Property Problems

Too many things to worry about? Which problems are you facing and what’s the reality to resolve them easily?

When to Take the Next Step

Stuck in research mode? Don’t let paralysis by analysis set in. Take this quiz to find out the next step you need to take.