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8 Real Dangers of Mexico You Didn’t Know Existed

by Brent May

I am often asked about security and safety in Mexico. Afterall, the medias are incredibly selective about what they show on news outlets up north. Naturally, I understand the concern. When I am present to TV news usually back up north during a trip home, I am always astounded by what is being shown. This is in no way a part of our life in Huatulco.

As a matter of fact, Oaxaca is one of the safest states in Mexico. It continually has some of the lowest crime rates of not only Mexico but also of its northern neighbors.

All of that being said, there are some very real dangers in Mexico. You may not have thought of them yet.

1. The first and foremost danger of Huatulco is that you will come just for vacation …. and end up moving here. Huatulco has 340 days of sun per year, 36 beaches and is a master-planned, ecological community. With an ocean lifestyle, seaside living and a small-town feel, you can still buy ocean-front living in Huatulco.


2.Your neighbors are dangerous. Dangerously nice. Mexicans are extremely friendly and enjoy socializing and welcoming people. You will make quick friends as Mexicans have been designated some of the warmest and friendliest people in the world in an InterNations survey.  “Fiesta”?

3. Speaking of which, another danger is that you will learn another language. Think you can’t do it? If you dial it in and if you are motivated, it will happen. Then, you can speak to another 437 million people on the planet. And your brain is happy because it is learning. 


4, The food. Tacos, chilaquiles, tacos, huevos rancheros, tacos, chilis rellenos, tacos, tlayudas, tacos.You get the idea. All of it… is so incredibly good that you will eat it all. Fresh ingredients, amazing produce and tropical fruit available year round. Weight gain is a real possibility.

5. You won’t get it all done. The concept of “time” in Mexico, and maybe even amplified at the beach, takes some adjusting for us northern “fast-walkers.” In the beginning, you’ll notice you walk faster than everyone. Then you may notice you don’t breathe so deeply. When you come to Mexico to live, you’ll need to take a chill pill. Things happen on a different schedule. And you will still get things done, but with more enjoyment and more trips to the beach. Somehow, priorities rearrange themselves to take advantage of what becomes more important to you. The change of pace in Mexico, ironically, creates more time to really enjoy what matters.

6. Addiction is a real danger. Addiction to the beauty of the ocean and the mountains, to colonial cities and cobblestone streets, to amazing natural sites like Hierve el Agua outside of Oaxaca City, to artisan handcrafts, to color, to culture… And don’t forget the tacos.



7. The water. You’ve heard about how bad it is. It is truly dangerous. The waters in Huatulco’s bays are warm blue and green hues with fine white sand. They are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and gazing. (See #5.)

8. You will have to do math. And when you see what the conversion rate is for the peso, you will be astounded when you see how much better your cost of living is in Mexico

I hope this list has helped you become more aware of the real dangers expats face here. Are you thinking of moving to Mexico? Check out our How To Guide for information on everything from buying property to healthcare to purchasing a car and driving in Mexico.

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