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A How To Guide for Online Shopping in Mexico: Furnishing Your Home and Simplifying Everyday Life

by Brent May


When we first moved to the Oaxaca Coast 13 years ago,  online shopping was not an option. Home delivery did not exist. Living in Puerto Angel, everyone in our building had the same toasters, coffee makers and mattresses because that was what was available from the one store with home furnishings in Pochutla. It is nice to have the options we do today!

Online shopping in Mexico has grown exponentially in recent years, transforming the way people furnish their homes and buy everyday goods. The convenience of secure transactions from the comfort of your home, along with competitive pricing, have made online stores increasingly popular. 

As a caveat, we always advocate for supporting local businesses wherever you are. What’s more, in all regions of Mexico, you’ll find a colorful, creative array of unique home décor that ultimately supports artisans and local businesses. So before going online for your décor, always have fun exploring the handicrafts of your area and while you’re on trips throughout Mexico.


The Mexican Online Market Landscape

The bustling online market in Mexico caters to a diverse range of needs, making everyday life more manageable for residents and expats. Online stores offer a huge variety of products, from groceries to clothing and furniture, contributing to the significant surge in e-commerce popularity. The rise can be attributed, in part, to the cost-effectiveness of online stores compared to physical counterparts, as online platforms eliminate maintenance and rental costs. But ultimately, in many areas, the appeal boils down to convenience.


Why Online Shopping in Mexico is Essential for Homebuyers

For those furnishing homes in Mexico, online shopping has made life easy. Finding and purchasing products quickly, coupled with the cost benefits, has made it a preferred choice. You can easily find furniture, appliances, groceries, beauty products, clothes, and home accessories.


Tips for Easy Online Shopping in Mexico

While the online shopping experience in Mexico shares similarities with other countries, there are some considerations to make your experience smoother.

  • Shopping in English is a convenient option.
  • Have someone available to receive deliveries.
  • Provide a clear address with references and location is crucial.
  • Pay duties and taxes in advance to avoid customs delays for anything arriving from out of the country.
  • Use a Mexican debit card to streamline your transactions.
  • El Buen Fin, Mexico’s version of Black Friday, is a significant shopping event offering special deals and discounts.
  • Foreign personal credit cards are widely accepted, and the adoption of Apple Pay and digital wallets is on the rise in the Mexican e-commerce market.

Best Online Stores in Mexico

Amazon Mexico, Mercado Libre, and Walmart are really the go-to online stores for various needs. Each platform offers a unique shopping experience, with competitive prices, fast deliveries, and a diverse product range. Preferences may vary, but these three giants dominate the Mexican online shopping space, providing homebuyers and expats with a one-stop-shop solution.

You can buy from the amazon.com site also. Just be aware where your product is shipping from. If it’s coming from outside of the country, there’s a good chance, you’ll have customs duties. Make sure to pay them in advance. Otherwise, it will significantly slow down delivery time and you will not necessarily be informed via the website. Ask us how we know.

Where to Go Online Shopping in Mexico

  • When it comes to consumer electronics and home appliances, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Sears Mexico and Coppel are recommended.
  • For furniture and other home furnishings, online stores like IKEA, Zara Home, Crate & Barrel, H&M Home, Linio and Liverpool are all available in Mexico.
  • Bulk Grocery Shopping is possible via Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Soriana.
  • For other general shopping needs, you’ll find a huge variety of products at Amazon, Mercado Libre, Walmart and Petco.
  • For boutique specialty shopping, you’ll find retailers like iHerb, Sephora and Asos just to mention a few.

The benefits of online shopping in Mexico are many, offering timesaving, access to unique products, competitive prices, and the assurance of quality. Language barriers are minimal, and online transactions guarantee secure and reliable deliveries. Make sure you stay safe online by verifying website authenticity, secure connections, and encrypted data transmission. Happy shopping!



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