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Bacocho Beach

by Brent May

Playa Bacocho is the longest and one of the most idyllic beaches in Puerto Escondido. This long white sand beach is still a wild place. It is 4 kilometers west of the city center and accessed by a small paved road.

It’s ideal for long walks, for sunbathing or swimming in the turquoise waters of the ocean near some tide pools. Along the open sea area, current can be strong. The landscape is unique in Puerto Escondido, a long, long stretch of beach with no buildings. A path toward the southern end of the beach leads around the rocks to Playa Coral, a little cove where you might find friendlier waters for a dip.

On end of the beach is home to 2 beach clubs where you can enjoy ocean swimming around the rocks or stop by a beach club restaurant. You can also rent a deck chair giving you access to the pool. Both clubs are open to outsiders for a reasonable fee. Every Wednesday evening from November to March, Villa del Sol Beach Club hosts an open air cinema. The films are free and generally start around 7 pm. Check online for times and film schedule.

Also, on Bacocho, every evening at 5, you can participate in the release of baby turtles. The ViveMar association protects this area of the coast and more particularly, sea turtle nesting grounds. During the nesting period, volunteers recover the eggs and shelter them from poachers, dogs and birds. To keep the association alive, they offer sea turtle releases.


Babies are released 1 hour after hatching. The experience costs 100 pesos if you go directly to the beach without going through an agency. You are given a baby turtle in a coconut (so as to not touch them directly) and you can follow its first steps to the sea. A magical moment! Sometimes there are more turtles than participants. Sometimes it is the opposite. It is recommended to arrive on time.

Then stay to admire the sweeping sunset views and catch a movie!

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