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Bahía Órgano

by Brent May

Playa el Órgano is the close neighbor of Playa Maguey in Huatulco. A beautiful 250 meter stretch of fine white sand, with rock formations at each end making for an ideal getaway to appreciate Huatulco’s beauty. This bay is quite popular among locals as well as tourists due to the tranquility of its clear blue waters.

It gets its name ‘Órgano’ from a cactus with the same name (Pachycereus marginatus) that thrives in this area of the Oaxacan coast.

It’s warm water and moderate slopes are great for a day of relaxing in the natural shade of the mangroves, snorkeling or diving. In holiday seasons you can find seafood and soft drink vendors and sometimes even jet skis available for rental.

You can access Órgano by sea or by land. To access it by sea you can arrange a boat to take your from Santa Cruz Marina or Marina Chahue. Going by land is an adventure by foot through the jungle. To get there you can park the your car on the road that leads to Cacaluta beach. The distance from the road to the beach is approximately 600 meters or a 15-minute walk through the deciduous jungle to the mangroves right by the beach.

If you decide to go by land, contact a local guide before visiting the beach on your own. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and take sufficient water with you.  If you decide to go by sea, make sure you use boat services from providers that have authorizations and permits. Either way, be ready to connect with nature and a variety of wildlife.

Bahía Organo is part of Huatulco’s National Park, which is why there are a few rules and precautions you should follow in order to keep it in the best condition:

  • Don’t wear sunscreen if you are going to snorkel (or use a coral reef-friendly brand)
  • Don’t manipulate species or step on coral. (this can stunt their growth and damage the reef)
  • Don’t take sea shells.

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