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Being thankful for where we are during these COVID-19 Times

by Brent May

It is undoubtedly difficult in this crisis to make good sense of what is happening. We are flooded by so much readily available information about how to take care of ourselves, what are the proper measures, should we do this, should we do that, who is doing what on the national and global stages and so much more. Managing this crisis really takes on a personal interpretation for all of us to be able to adapt to the new normal everyone is trying to conceptualize.

With this saturation of information, at some point, I’ve had to let some of it go. When I got to that point of letting some of this go, I began to see things more clearly. And to tell the truth, with this extra time and clarity, it is easy to get back to my true reasons for living where I do.

I grew up in a small town of 300 people. And as for many northerners who grew up outside of cities or in the country, we have a “thing” for space. It is part of my being. Who says space, also says nature. I grew up outside, measuring myself up to that space bike-riding, roaming, exercising, climbing,…

We are genuinely blessed in Huatulco on any given day for many reasons. Those reasons become even more apparent now. We have a low density population. Huatulco’s neighborhoods are spread out with lots of open, green spaces. Walking and bike-riding are always options. We have a National Park next door to roam. With trails, beaches, birds and exotic trees, the Huatulco National Park is a haven for wildlife and a huge green buffer for our town.

As a matter of fact, Huatulco is surrounded by nature in all directions. Lots of country roads to explore, rivers to hike, waterfalls to swim in and small villages to visit. Erin and I have always loved the “pack a lunch” kind of day. We can just leave home and head in any direction for a bit of discovery… and more space.

The ocean is omnipresent. We are fortunate to live on a secluded beach. The ocean engages all of the senses and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Gazing at the horizon changes our brain waves. Looking at the color blue makes us calmer and more creative. Breathing in the negative ions of the sea air make me feel good simply put. Several studies now suggest that negative ion therapy can treat symptoms of SAD. Additionally, for me now, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of “home” than sinking my feet in the warm sand.

Exercise has always been essential to me. It makes me feel good. It brings people together. And there’s no better high than endorphins. In Huatulco, we have so many possibilities to exercise and be outdoors. The water sports are endless: surf, swim, snorkel, paddle board. Hiking, jogging, biking and even climbing are all possible even with ocean views.

Our quality of life is exceptional in all respects. We have low population density, space, endless opportunities to exercise, are surrounded by nature, have loads of fresh fruit and all the fresh fish you can eat.

As I reflect on this new situation and sift through the mountains of information coming at us, one thing has become crystal clear. No matter what my thoughts or feelings about the current crisis are, life is always good in Huatulco.

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