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by Brent May

Looking for a great place to spend a day in the middle of nature with great seafood options ?

If you haven’t traveled out to Playa Boca Vieja near Bajos de Coyula, you should plan a trip. An easy day trip from Huatulco, at about a 40-minute drive out of town, you’ll find the turn-off to Bajos de Coyula on your way north after the airport and just before a big bridge.

This big bridge crosses the Coyula River which originates close to Magdalena Piñas near Pluma Hidalgo and runs out to the sea here at Playa Boca Vieja.

This beach is called « Boca Vieja » comparing it to a mouth or an estuary opening into the ocean here. The river mouth is one of those special places that is sometimes closed off to the ocean with a sand bar. It opens up during big waves especially close to the June solstice. Then, the ocean pushes salty water towards the river mixing with the fresh water. It’s an auspicious time of the year for people who live here and especially fishermen who recognize that the river and lagoon needs the ocean’s water to maintain the balance in the lake that is created when the sand bar forms again as the waves go down.

At this beach, you can walk as far as you’d like, play soccer, volleyball, and even camp. You can fish in the ocean or the lagoon. There are rocks to scamper on separating the beach from another smaller, secluded beach. There is a small lighthouse that is really highlighted at sunset. Or head out early and witness a sunrise from the lighthouse. The beach is known for high swells for surfing, and it is great spot for camping with family and friends because of its secluded atmosphere.

Playa Boca Vieja is not only known for its unique river and ocean beach settings but also for its seafood. Several restaurants on the beachfront serve up fresh seafood on the beach or on high terraces with great ocean breezes. Red snapper, lobster, shrimp, pescado a la talla, pescado con ajo, a la diabla… all these dishes can be enjoyed under the shadow of a palapa by the sea.

The area is also known for the fertility of its land. Many fruits and vegetables are grown around here : papaya, banana, melon, squash, etc. Do your shopping at the road-side stands on your way home.

During the last months of the year, storks start making their way to the lagoon and beach also offering a stunning show.

How to get there ?

To get there by land, take Federal Highway 200 towards Pochutla, and turn left before reaching the Coyula River Bridge. Then you only have to go 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) until you reach the coast. The trip takes approximately 50 minutes. It is even easier to get there by sea if you hire the boat service offered by several tourist service providers in Santa Cruz.

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