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Buying Property in Mexico: How To Choose the Perfect Location

by Erin May


What’s Your Flavor?

Given the fact that Mexico is a large and beautiful country, with plenty of interesting locations, you may wonder how to determine which location would be ideal for you when thinking about property investment.

Some of the most popular areas for Mexico property include Baja, Chiapas, Chapala, Guadalajara, Copper Canyon, Mexico City, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, San Blas and Yucatan. However, it does not suffice to make up your mind about a certain region. You will also need to think about the type of property, as you can choose from ocean front, valley, river, urban or mountain areas.

Most importantly, consider your true lifestyle needs. Do you need close access to an airport or bus station? Do you need to drive somewhere frequently having close highway access? If you’re deciding to live in the mountains or the country, how is the internet service? How is the telephone service?  Consider the year-round climate. Consider the topography. Does the town have easy access or lots of steps? 

Weigh the Pros and Cons

Each location comes with advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you are a fan of secluded places, a property in a rural mountainous area might be ideal for a peaceful life. If  you love the thrill and buzz of the city, you should consider an urban property from where you will have easy access to all the exciting things the city has to offer.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing the best property location in Mexico is the beach. Let’s face it, who would say no to a house that offers you the opportunity of getting up in the morning and gazing at the ocean? This is the reason why there are actually thousands of properties to choose from if you make up your mind about purchasing an ocean front property. After browsing some listings, you will actually learn that it is surprisingly affordable to own a slice of beachfront real estate in Mexico.

A View of the Ocean

Purchasing a waterfront property in Mexico is affordable mostly because the country has low housing costs. If you are not sure about investing in a house, you can choose to simply buy your own lot and build the home of your dreams on it. Materials and labour are very cheap in Mexico, so you will end up paying less on a completed house here than just on a small lot in the U.S. or Canada.

There are also other financial benefits arising from owning a beachfront home in Mexico. Not only will you have a piece of heaven to enjoy at your convenience, but you will also be able to rent it out during the periods you are not using it.

You can, of course, do this with properties in other locations, but you should bear in mind that oceanfront ones are more in demand. Investing in a piece of waterfront property also offers you the opportunity to start your own hotel, resort or inn.

Consider Climate and Culture

When choosing a property location in Mexico, you should take into account the fact that not all regions are the same in terms of climate and culture. Mexico is in fact a diverse and large country, with climates including broad deserts, snow-topped mountains, temperate rain-forests and more.

When it comes to beachfront properties, bear in mind that you can choose between the calm and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico and the cooler waters of the Pacific Ocean. If you love heights, be on the lookout for cliff beach properties, which are ideal for those who are interested in waking up every morning to some amazing views of the water.

Oaxacan Beachfront

An area that you might want to consider for beachfront real estate is the Oaxaca coast, one of the most sought after retirement destinations in Mexico. Here you will find properties with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and you will be close to the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains as well.  Read more about the key factors setting Huatulco apart from other sun destinations.

The authentic Mexican flavour is alive in Oaxaca, despite the beachfront developments that have been erected in the area in the last decades. The advantage of buying a property in this area is the fact that the prices are generally lower than in other regions.

Moreover, if you are not looking forward to see crowds of tourists on a daily basis, the Oaxaca coast is the right place to buy a property, as it lacks that over-the-top “touristy” air that can be annoying for many people. Check out some of the reasons people are choosing Oaxaca.

For a more secluded property, you may consider living on an island. There are plenty of ferryboats available in the majority of the regions, so you will not have troubles getting to a town relatively quickly. One such island is Isla Mujeres, located east of the Yucatan Peninsula. This rather unspoiled island offers refreshing views of the water, powder-white beaches and plenty of restaurants and bars. You can easily reach Cancun by ferry in about 15 minutes. However, you should know that it is rather difficult to find a beachfront property that is available on this island.


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