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What To Do in Mazatlàn

by Brent May

Facing the Pacific Ocean and the southern tip of Baja California, Mazatlán is just across from Los Cabos. The glitzy beach town visited by celebrities in the 70’s is transitioning into a cosmopolitan city with 5-star community amenities. With over 300 days of sun per year, and an average winter temperature of 27C/81F, Mazatlán offers an ideal city beach lifestyle.

Mazatlán is undergoing positive change that has been activated by all levels of government and the private sector. The Centro Histórico has been renovated. The state and local governments are finishing the huge Central Park project with biking and pedestrian paths, sports complexes, the largest aquarium in Latin America and an IMAX theatre.



The city is divided into 3 large sectors; Marina, Golden Zone and Malecon. The Malecon is the largest boardwalk in the world. It runs the length of the main bay with 21 kilometers of pedestrian pathways for health and fitness, beach walking and viewing, biking, roller blading and jogging.



El Faro

Geographically, Mazatlán is known for having the highest natural light house in the world.  Perched atop Cerro del Crestón, a rocky hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, El Faro offers panoramic views that are simply breathtaking. Standing at 157 meters (515 feet), it is one of the tallest operational lighthouses in the world. Its distinctive red and white striped tower serves as a beacon to guide ships and mariners, while also capturing the imagination of visitors. Climbing to the top rewards adventurers with stunning vistas of the city, the golden sandy beaches, and the vast expanse of the ocean. El Faro is not only a navigational landmark but also a beloved tourist attraction, allowing visitors to witness Mazatlan’s natural beauty from a remarkable vantage point.

Centro Historico

As gold and silver were discovered in the 1700s, trade and commerce flourished and much of the historical center architecture is a reflection of European style colonial architecture from around the 1850s. We love walking around the center enjoying the architecture, the Cathedral, Plazuela Machado, standing as the heart of the historic center, brimming with lively restaurants, cafes, and shops, the Angela Peralta Theatre and the Zocalo. The historic downtown is full of colonial charm, rich heritage, and vibrant culture. Stepping into this enchanting district is like taking a stroll back in time. The narrow, cobblestone streets are lined with colorful buildings decorated with intricate architectural details. Art galleries, museums, and local handicraft markets add to the area’s cultural vibrance are all yours to explore! From its charming plazas to its welcoming locals, Mazatlan’s historic downtown offers an authentic experience for those seeking a glimpse into the city’s past.

Mazatlan Aquarium

Mazatlán’s newest attraction, the Mazatlan Aquarium,  is a must-see for anyone who is fascinated by marine life. It is now open, and is the perfect destination for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. The aquarium also has a 3D cinema, a museum, and a botanical garden with over 50 species of tropical plants.

World-class Golf Courses

Mazatlán has several world-class golf courses. Read more about the golf scene in our article Golfing Mazatlan. Mazatlan’s  golf scene invites avid golfers to experience the perfect fusion of sport and stunning natural beauty. With a range of meticulously designed courses, the city offers an unparalleled golfing experience. Whether teeing off against the backdrop of the shimmering Pacific Ocean or navigating lush tropical landscapes, golfers are treated to breathtaking views at every hole. Mazatlan boasts courses crafted by renowned designers, combining challenging fairways and manicured greens with strategic water hazards and sand traps. The city’s golf scene also caters to players of all skill levels, with options for beginners and seasoned professionals. With impeccable course maintenance, warm weather year-round, and a welcoming golfing community, Mazatlan establishes itself as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience on the greens.

Baseball Stadium

For sports fans, there is a baseball stadium and soccer stadium. Mazatlan’s baseball stadium, a beloved sports landmark in the city, el Estadio Teodoro Mariscal, sits proudly along the coastline, offering breathtaking views of the ocean.  With its modern facilities and ample seating capacity, Estadio Teodoro Mariscal provides an unforgettable experience for visitors, combining the thrill of sports with the beauty of Mazatlan’s coastal backdrop.

Angela Peralta Theatre

The Angela Peralta Theatre is as a cultural gem and a testament to the city’s rich artistic heritage. Named after the renowned Mexican soprano Angela Peralta, the theater exudes grandeur and charm with its neoclassical architecture and ornate details. Since its inauguration in 1874, the Angela Peralta Theatre has served as a vibrant hub for the performing arts, hosting a wide array of theatrical productions, operas, ballets, and concerts. With its impeccable acoustics and elegant interiors, the theater embodies Mazatlan’s unwavering passion for the arts.

Something is always going on with the Event Center with live music and conventions and a full year-round cultural scene.

Read  about the prestigious Aguamarina Development designed by Francisco Pulido, world renowned architect focused on sustainability. 



Mazatlán has 13 beaches, each with its personality. From surf spots to tranquil, swimmable waters, you will find your favorite beach on the bay. We love Playa Cerritos.  Read more about our favorite beach in our article here. It is one of the most popular beaches in Mazatlán due to the calm waters formed by a natural rock formation. It is a very relaxing environment if you are looking to chill out in nature. There are summer surf waves, from beginner to pro. The Quicksilver Pro Tour has stopped in Mazatlán. Some spots can be kite surfed. Watch the cliff divers along the rocks.



Mazatlán has an incredible range of dining options ranging from trendy to simple.  Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that ingredients are market-fresh. Fresh shrimp, seafood and fish arrive daily at the port. Just outside of town, produce is grown and sent to market every day.

Trendy outdoor food markets can be found in downtown and other neighborhoods. Nice, fine cuisine and fusion cuisine restaurants can be found all around town. Casual, authentic Mexican restaurants abound. You will find street vendors almost anywhere you go serving up local specialties, tacos, fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juice.

You will enjoy dining out in Mazatlán for the quality of the ingredients, the incredible tastes and the affordability of having a nice meal out for lunch or dinner.

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Mazatlàn has it all from your practical shopping experiences to a fun day out boutique shopping. New shopping malls have been built in the Marina area. Boutique shops can be found downtown.  Large department stores are available for all practical needs. And smaller neighborhood shops will satisfy many of your daily needs from a 6-pack of cold beer, to a bag of flour, to a gift for your new neighbor’s birthday party.



Mazatlán offers a quality coastal lifestyle. You can create your own active lifestyle combined with a relaxed pace of life. This colonial port city has a whole array of activities, services and an attractive ambiance thanks to the people who live here. You’ll find a warm, expat community and lots of people who speak English.

Mazatlán is also an affordable Pacific Coast destination. This is still authentic Mexico. Mazatlán has been “off the beaten track” for a while which provides it with more affordability than other Pacific Coast resort destinations.

Mazatlán offers all of the traditional expat attractions like an amazing climate, an incredible location and a reasonable cost of living. It also offers an incredible cultural scene, services and conveniences that make life easy, high quality healthcare, and a well-connected international airport. Check out our article on How To Get To Mazatlan This Summer!

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