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Cost of living in Mexico – Food and Dining Out

by Erin May

Mexico market

The cost of living in Mexico has given investors and retirees an opportunity to enjoy life for a low price.

 Studies show that one can retire in Mexico, specifically on the Oaxaca coast for nearly half the cost than in Canada or the U.S. without sacrificing the luxuries they are accustomed to back home. 

One main reason for the lower cost of living are the significantly lower costs of food.  Produce is fresh, delicious and cheap.  

At local markets in Mexico you can fill a shopping bag full of fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables for less than $10. Fresh seafood and meats are also almost half the price as back home.  



Check out some of the food prices in Oaxaca:

Item Cost in Canada Cost in Mexico Difference
Milk (1 litre) $2.44 $0.95 $1.49
Eggs (12) $3.25 $1.60 $1.65
Rotisserie Chicken $6.99 $5.82 $1.17
Chicken Breast Boneless (1 kg) $6.93 $5.09 $1.84
Fish (2kg) $13.38 $5.82 $7.56
Bacon (1 pkg) $5.10 $2.69 $2.41
Fresh Bread (loaf) $2.85 $1.60 $1.25
Apples (1kg) $3.72 $2.18 $1.54
Oranges (1kg) $2.54 $0.91 $1.63
Tomato (1kg) $2.35 $1.16 $1.19
Potato (1kg) $5.20 $1.09 $4.11
Lettuce (1 head) $2.75 $0.58 $2.17
Pineapple (1) $3.99 $0.73 $3.26
Cucumber $4.00 $2.18 $1.82
6 bananas $3.50 $2.18 $1.32
Bottle of water $2.00 $1.09 $0.91

The cost of food shown above is 50% less as compared to prices in Canada.

Dining out is also very inexpensive along the Oaxaca coast of Mexico.  There are so many amazing restaurants to visit serving delicious and authentic Mexican and Italian fare for half the price as it would back home.  Enjoy freshly caught seafood, wood-fire oven pizza, homemade pasta and Mexican favorites while watching the waves roll in.

Live well, eat well and stretch your dollar out on the coast of Oaxaca.  Enjoy paradise without breaking the bank. [hr]




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