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by Brent May


Mexico Nightlife

Mexico is a country of music lovers and dancers, there are a lot of places to enjoy the many different types of music, of both Mexican and international flavor. Generally speaking, nightlife in most of Mexico is lively, plentiful and offers a diversity that should satisfy the desires of everyone, from those who prefer quite conversation around a piano bar to the most seasoned fun seekers who want to dance on tables and party all night long.

Nightlife in Mexico is world-famous, and justifiably so! If you’re in a resort or a major city, you will find a vibrant club, bar and restaurant scene that starts late and runs until the wee hours. In smaller towns, life is usually quieter, but even there you can find fiestas that will bring the whole town together fo r a night of food, music and fun that will leave you breathless.

Music drives the Latin soul, and nowhere does this come to life more amazingly than in Mexico! Music and dance in all its forms flourish here, and free concerts are in great abundance especially in the major cities. Just as in the U.S., folk musicians can frequently be found entertaining passers-by in parks, working for tips. You’ll be astonished at the skill level and variety!

What’s your pleasure? Live theater? Rock/pop? Big name acts? All these and more, including intimate coffeehouses, salsa and clubs and jazz clubs are very common. If you’re a hardcore club rat, the beat of the discos will keep you dancing until dawn.You’ll even find a rodeo or two, sometimes operating well into the night!

Theater, rock and pop concerts, featuring big name entertainers, discos, small coffee houses, all types of live music (with or without extravagant shows), salsa and clubs, jazz and piano bars, racy night club fare and even elaborate rodeo shows all combine to provide a generous selection of nightlife that should satisfy almost everyone. There is also a wide variety of cultural entertainment, especially in the colonial cities and many of the lager cities.

Many restaurants in Mexico, especially in larger cities, feature live music, mariachi bands or some other type of entertainment. Nightlife in Mexico usually begins late (some discos don’t even open until 11 PM) and winds down around sun up. In Acapulco there are sometimes traffic jams around sunrise, when the discos start closing. Often the party will continue on from there, to the beach bars, until everyone returns home for a few hours of sleep before starting all over again.

If you’re living the resort life, you’ll find even more enticing entertainments. Booze cruises, sunset and dinner cruises, some even with fireworks shows fill the early evenings. For a more intimate celebration, book a catamaran, party boat or even your own pirate ship at some resorts! Whether you want to dance the night away and shake your groove thing on a tabletop or sip cognac in a piano bar, you’ll never run out of options in Mexico.

Nightlife is a way of life in Mexico!

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