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Fly Direct to Huatulco with MayAir

by Brent May

direct to huatulcoMAYair is an airline with innovative routes in Mexico’s Southeast. They are pleased to be adding two new locations that will connect the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico to the Huatulco region as well as from Puerto Vallarta to Huatulco. It has just become much more simple to fly direct to Huatulco within Mexico.

Miguel Flores Alonso, vice president of Communication & Media Lomas Travel Group, REPORTUR.mx announced that the airline will open flights direct to Huatulco departing from Merida, and another to the Gulf. Another flight will run from Puerto Vallarta direct to Huatulco. These routes are excellent as currently all flights within Mexico to these locations have to pass through Mexico City with a layover, with the exception of Oaxaca City directo Huatulco.

The airline Lomas Group, MAYAir, acquired two Fokker 50 aircraft for the new flight routes. “MAYAir is a key connectivity southeast. We have the Cozumel-Cancun, Cancun-Merida, Merida Villahermosa and Villahermosa-Veracruz, flights are made with aircraft that seats 18, but I am betting on increased connectivity with the Fokker 50 of 60 seats and pressurized cabins that were acquired ” he explained. He said that besides other flight routes as Veracruz-Tampico opening at the same time another flight route direct to Huatulco from Vallarta will begin, as the direct flight Merida to Huatulco will be a strategic point of business and connecting to the various aforementioned states. 

The entry flight route to Huatulco will be important as the federal government, through the National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin), is investing in the development of hotels in the destination of Huatulco, as the area currently do not have enough hotels to offer. This proposal is one of the most important for Enrique de la Madrid, Secretary of Tourism, presented at a meeting with Spanish hoteliers in Fitur. (Revolution in the Tourism Ministry: It is and will be shareholder hotel resorts).

The new flight routes will not only allow businessmen to travel between Merida, Huatulco and Puerto Vallarta but it will allow easy access for real estate investors, vacation and retirement property buyers who already travel to Merida and Puerto Vallarta to be able to fly direct to Huatulco and investigate the unique and beautiful area. These flights are yet another game changer for the top emerging market of Huatulco.

Source Reportur.mx: http://www.reportur.com/mexico/2016/02/09/mayair-de-lomas-travel-conectara-sureste-con-huatulco-y-vallarta/

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