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In case of emergency…Huatulco got a bit safer

by Brent May

huatulco-safeHeart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and holds second position in Canada. So it is good news that recently the physicians and other emergency personnel in Huatulco were offered a two day course designed by the American Heart Association. The “Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support” program, which was taught by faculty members from UCSD Medical Center, included recognition and early management of respiratory and cardiac arrest as well as peri-arrest conditions. Several years ago my husband suffered a heart attack here in Huatulco, which was neither properly diagnosed nor treated. He survived because I took him to Mexico City, but had the local doctors been equipped with the knowledge and understanding offered by the AHA then he would be a healthier man today. This program also provided hands on CPR training. About 90 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital; immediate CPR can double, or even triple, a victim’s chance of survival.

The Air Ambulance Company Aviamedix sponsored this valuable continuing medical education program in order to draw attention to the proper diagnosis and treatment of persons suffering heart attacks and cardiac arrests. They also wanted local physicians to feel comfortable in medevacing patients with severe injuries or conditions to a larger better equipped facility, either to Guadalajara or a hospital of the patient’s choice. This is something that some local doctors have been reticent to do on occasion.   If you have medical or travel insurance covering medevac service and your the doctor is unwilling to assist you it is possible to contact this company directly and they will act as a liaison with your insurance company to help make the arrangements.

Brooke Gazer owns and operates Agua Azul la Villa, an ocean view bed and breakfast in Huatulco, www.bbaguaazul.com

The following doctors attended the ACLS program:

  • Dr. Ricardo Carrillo Barragan (958) 587-6055
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Pinacho Soria (958) 111-0925
  • Dr. Jaime Antonio Lopez Meza (962) 116-3746
  • Dr. Miguel Angel Quiroz Tovar (958) 587-6628
  • Dr. Andres Gonzalez Ayvar (958) 587-6065

To contact Aviamedix Air Ambulance directly:

By Brooke Gazer – The Eye, Huatulco

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