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My First Surgery in Huatulco, Mexico

by Brent May

I often get asked about heath care Mexico. Typically, my response is generic. In fact, during my last webinar I explained how affordable the care I receive, however explained that my needs are very basic. For example, I receive acupuncture, cupping and a massage once a week, all for a fraction of the price as I paid back home. I visit the dentist twice a year and pay wonderfully affordable prices and when I’ve had to visit a Doctor for a cold, it is quite inexpensive as well. My needs are basic, and I prefer to just pay as I go. It was a December morning when things changed for me.

We do our best with our blog to share our real-life experiences with living in Mexico. I did not think I would ever be sharing something so personal, however in the name of sharing our experiences in Mexico to our followers, I plan to stick to my word. I will now share the experience of my first surgery in Mexico.

I woke up in early December to find a cyst on my bottom that was sore, swollen, red and did not look good from any angle. Immediately I started to panic. What could be wrong with me, I thought? My thoughts started to race. How should I deal with such a thing?

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surgery in mexicoI got showered up and headed straight to my holistic doctor, Dr. Paulina. She is a licenced MD who converted to holistic medicine, so I really like that she has studied and understands both styles of medicine. Surprised to see me unannounced, she apologized and explained she was leaving to catch a flight in 2 minutes. However, she could see the stress on my face. I explained my situation and she advised I needed to get the cyst drained and cut out immediately by a surgeon. Slightly shocked I asked, “Do we have a surgeon in Huatulco?” Fortunately, her answer was YES, and she explained the locations of his office. I was off to find his office.

Less than 5 minutes away I found the surgeons office. I had driven by it many times a day and did not even realize it was there. I approached the receptionist, explained that I had a “mucho problemo” and that Dr. Paulina had sent me. She asked me to take a seat and wait 10 minutes for the surgeon to arrive. I anxiously waited for only about 7 minutes when the surgeon walked though the front door. He took a moment and then called me into his office.
Due to my continued handicap of speaking limited Spanish we google translated some messages to make sure nothing was misunderstood. Next, I was on his operating table, so he could have a look. He advised me he could take care of the cyst now with some pain or later at the hospital with no pain. I opted to get it done instantly. At that point the receptionist became the surgeon’s nurse and they started on my first minor emergency in Mexico. There was a little pain but overall the surgery was quick and relatively easy. The surgeon went over the care needed and wrote a prescription for medication. Lastly, we made an appointment to get my stitches out and test results back.

What did I learn

surgery in mexicoThe first thing I learned was that we do have a surgeon in Huatulco! I also learned that care I received was excellent. The process was clean, and all happened faster than I could have imagined. I was so in shock with how fast everything happened that I went back to work until my colleagues sent me home. It was also extremely affordable. I paid 4,000 MXN ($214 USD or $266 CAD) for the minor emergency surgery and 5,000 MXN ($268 USD or $332 CAD) to test the cyst. The other and most important thing I learned is that the cyst was benign, and I continue to have a clean bill of heath. Keep following as we will share more info about all the services my new friend offers.

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Brent May

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Brenda & Joe January 28, 2018 - 9:31 pm

Glad to hear you are alright and your experience was good, thank you for sharing

Erin May February 7, 2018 - 6:58 pm

Thanks Brenda & Joe, on the mend and feeling great!

Erin May February 7, 2018 - 6:59 pm

Hope you two are well and hope to see you down in sunny Huatulco very soon!


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