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Going Green in Huatulco Mexico

by Brent May

Cacaluta_Beach_HuatulcoToday’s real estate investor not only wants to see their dream home become a reality, but he or she wants to know that the purchase generates economic resources and conserves the environment.

That’s why Huatulco Mexico is the best place to buy. In 2005, it earned Green Globe International Certification for sustainability. This prestigious award is given to locations that have exceeded environmental benchmarks, such as waste management, water usage and energy efficiency.

Huatulco was also the first community in the Americas – and the third in the world – to be awarded EarthCheck Gold Certification.

Interested in learning how you, as a potential real estate investor, can go green in Huatulco Mexico? We have four sure-fire ways to minimize your carbon footprint in the beautiful destination.

Eco-friendly Travel

Sure, you can fill up your gas tank, but why when you can walk, bike or jump on the local bus or train. These going green options offer lower carbon emissions per traveler, especially when compared to that of your car. Plus, you can soak up the local culture, and what could be more lively and entertaining than that?

going green in huatulcoLocal, Sustainable Food

Huatulco is brimming with local fruterias offering just-picked, in-season fruits and vegetables. Shopping at these open-air markets are not good for the neighborhood economy, but it reduces green-house gases as the produce travels short distances to reach the shelves. Shopping at fruterias also cuts down on pollution and waste which is often caused by packaging and processing.

Simply stuff your canvas bags (which reduces plastic bag waste residue) with your favorite berries, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, mangos and papayas.

Buy Local

Skip the big box grocery chains and buy local goods from area artisans and arts collectives. Not only are your purchases supporting the vendor and his/her family, but they are cutting the cost of transporting out-of-area foods, goods and mass-produced souvenirs.

And if you’re feeling especially adventurous, consider growing your own food. Just be sure to bypass  chemicals in favor of garden-grade disinfectants.

Environmentally-Minded Activities

SnorkelingActivities are endless in Huatulco, especially those of the sustainable variety. But we’re not surprised. It’s pretty easy going green in this oceanside destination as Huatulco is right on the Pacific Ocean.

Activities are endless on, in or by the water. Take your pick from our favorite water sports or even add your own:

  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Paddle boarding
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • White water rafting

Beyond the beach, there are other sustainable activities to entertain you and your loved ones:

  • Dine like a local at taco stands and restaurants
  • Hire a guide from the local community
  • Go to a museum
  • Play golf or tennis
  • Take in a local show or performance
  • Attend a religious event
  • Invite a neighbor for dinner
  • Visit the local coffee shop
  • Volunteer for non-profit organizations

Plus, Huatulco Mexico has a long list of parks and eco-tours to enjoy. Consider the Parque Nacional Huatulco, which was created in 1988 and stretches across 6,375 hectares. Travelers and residents can’t get enough of the lowland jungle. And just think, there’s 5,516 hectares of marine surroundings in which to lose one’s self. With 723 animal species, including birds, reptiles and fish, there’s so much to see on a hike or mountain biking trail.

going green in huatulco birdsTry these fun-filled environmental activities:

  • Bird watching
  • Lagoon tours
  • Turtle sanctuaries
  • Whitewater rafting

To learn more about going green in Huatulco and supporting local sustainability, contact us today. We can also help you buy property in Huatulco and get more bang for your buck with a dream home in Mexico.

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