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How to Beat the Exchange: Cashing In On Real Estate in Huatulco

by Brent May

Are you dreaming of your very own Mexico property for retirement, vacation, a secure cash flow and appreciating investment?

With the current global situation, you may be trying to make sense of the chaos and uncertainty and feeling like you have had a really hard knock with the unfolding events of the past few weeks. You may not know how to move forward, how to adapt.

You need to plan. Make sure you have yourself and your family protected. Then look at your investments.

The coronavirus is here. It is the financial flu.

Being adaptable is what is required right now. I will show you how to take this challenge and turn it into an opportunity. As the debate shifts from investing in stock market or in real estate to how and where to buy property, at least one of the variables is clear. The time to invest is now.

As the trend continues, real estate investment not only becomes more appealing but becomes increasingly affordable due to the drop in the Mexican peso. Just a short time ago, the Mexican peso was holding its own with the USD and was stable at around 18-20 pesos per USD for several years. Fluctuating with other economic changes, this rate is also rapidly changing. In March 2020, the peso exchange is right around 25 pesos to 1 USD.

Limited time investment opportunity

The positive I see is that the coronavirus has presented a limited time investment opportunity. There are instant purchase and equity savings to take advantage of if you ACT NOW!

If you are thinking about buying property in Mexico, this exchange rate is extremely favorable to you. Some properties have fixed MXN peso pricing. This means developers have not moved (yet) on adjusting their pricing to compensate the changing the markets.

Beat the exchange by purchasing USD valued real estate in fixed MXN pesos and save a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars on your purchase and gain instant equity in a Top Emerging Market. 

Bayside Real Estate has a limited and exclusive inventory of properties that are, for now, honoring their MXN peso pricing.

Instant Savings

Instant Savings range from $33,000 USD to $258,000 USD. WOW!  

In order to access this exclusive list and capitalize on enormous savings email us by clicking the link and tell us you want to Beat the Exchange with Bayside. 

Let’s look at a current property-buying scenario in Huatulco.

How does it work?

The MXN peso is devaluating compared to the USD and CAD!

Was $300,000 USD @ 18.5 MXN to USD

Now $226,530 USD @ 24.5 MXN to USD

Save $73,470 USD 

Diversifying financial portfolios and investment in real estate in Mexico makes more sense than ever. Indeed, real estate investment as compared generally to other types of investment offers lower risk, yields better returns and provides good diversification. Whereas real estate investment was once considered an option for seasoned and wealthy investors, today smart investors have learned that real estate investment builds wealth more consistently than stocks and other assets.


Benefit from instant property purchase savings due to a unique circumstance that was created from the crisis.

These temporary conditions add to the many reasons why people have already chosen Huatulco for property investment.

  1. Huatulco is a master-planned community: eco-friendly powered with wind and solar, Green Globe certification, state of the art water and sewage treatment plant and 2/3 surface area dedicated to green spaces.
  2. Huatulco offers better value and quality of life compared to other Mexico destinations. Integrating low-rise construction into the scenery, property can be had for a much better price in Huatulco than other ocean front destinations.
  3. Huatulco and the state of Oaxaca are safe destinations. Oaxaca continues to be one of the safest states in the country.
  4. Incredibly strong buying power.
  5. Steadily growing access: an international airport consistently adding flights
  6. Developed infrastructure: including high-speed internet, highways and roads, important supermarkets, hospital and services sector where many professionals speak English.
  7. Friendly local and expat community: many Canadians have already chosen Huatulco as home.
  8. Small-town feel. Huatulco boasts an organic and local market, world-class restaurants, prisitn beaches and a genuinely friendly ambiance where it is easy to meet new friends and grow your network.
  9. Huatulco is still a secret for many. Known by affluent Mexican families and investors for years, some North Americans are still a little confused as to the exact location of this beautiful, natural coastline. Some investors would likely be happy to keep it that way.

I cannot guarantee how long the exchange rates will last. I cannot guarantee how long the developers will leave the MXN pesos price as they are. What I do know is that there is a huge opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars ACT NOW!

If you are serious, email us and be contacted by one of our agents with our exclusive list of properties so you may Beat the Exchange with Bayside & SAVE BIG TIME! 

Do not panic. Plan and prepare. Keep the family safe. Think about the future and seize this unique opportunity. 

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