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How We Chose Huatulco

by Brooke Gazer

Beautiful Beach View Huatulco

We left Canada in February of 1999, spending five months living like gipsies, exploring every beach on Mexico’s Pacific coast. We were looking for the perfect place to open a B&B but had not found it until we arrived in Huatulco. We were immediately struck by how beautiful it was here; the pristine beaches, the groomed palm lined boulevards, and the tidy town center of La Crucecita.

It felt like a place that tourists would want to visit. We were also impressed with the infrastructure that FONATUR had developed and the fact that the land titles were clean. We had viewed to many properties that were not and this was a concern for us. On our day third day, at seven in the morning, we drove to La Entrega to go snorkeling before anything was open.

Seeing a huge sea turtle swimming underwater was a mesmerizing moment and we took it as a sign that we had indeed found our new home. We bought property overlooking Tejoncito cove, hired an architect to build Agua Azul la Villa, and have never looked back. It was the best decision we have ever made.

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