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Huatulco Real Estate – Global Comparisons

by Brent May

Timing is critical with investing in real estate.  Real estate in Huatulco is currently lower than other areas of Mexico, a situation that will not last for long.  It is important to invest in an area that is not only improving its’ infrastructure, but also one that is experiencing a wave of development.

Huatulco real estate area is experiencing just that, with Billions being spent in Huatulco.  The area is hard not to notice from an investment perspective whether you are buying as an investor, vacation property buyer or a retiree.  Some of this infrastructure includes an multi-million dollar international airport expansion that is now complete already bringing in new flight announcements every year.  The new double lane highway is well underway, connecting Huatulco to Puerto Escondido and inland to Oaxaca City.  This new, straightened highway will not only decrease travel times but also increase coastal real estate values.  We have already witnessed the once 25 minute drive from the International Airport turn into a 10 minute drive.

The area has received multiple environmental awards including the EarthCheck Award because of its existing infrastructure.  Sewage treatment and re-use keeping the beaches clean and ocean water crystal clear for years to come as well as water filtration, wind power and regular maintenance and services such as a recycling program helped Huatulco achieve the award being the first destination in all of the Americas and only third in the entire world. Huatulco has also been awarded with 3 international designations, the Sitio Ramsa 1301 designation, Reserva de la Biosfera by the UNESCO and the Carbon Low Zone designation.

Big name hotel resorts like Secrets, Riu and the Holiday Inn have also committed to the area.  Huatulco continues to develop graciously with a commitment to the environment.  Nearly 70% of the area is designated to green spaces and restrictions have allocated to developers keeping building heights low, green spaces high and in general area low in density.  

The chart below compares oceanfront real estate prices only.  It identifies how Huatulco real estate prices and surrounding area are presently at a fraction of the price of other ocean side cities. With billions of infrastructure dollars invested and a new highway near complete along the Oaxaca coast, the timing to buy real estate could not be better.  It only makes sense to invest in Huatulco area real estate now.

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